eHouse smart home hybrid version

Electronic House eHouse hybrid version

Smart Home currently exists in many versions (communication variants).

  • Ethernet eHouse – network controllers working directly on standard LAN
  • eHouse One – RS-485 ( industrial serial bus )
  • eHouse4CAN – drivers operating in bus Controller Area Network
  • eHouse.Pro – version based on Linux server with local inputs and outputs .

Each of these versions has a number of advantages and, depending on the preference of the person installing object type , budget, type of installation can be selected and managed by the software supremely eHouse4cServer, eHouse.PRO.

1) Ethernet eHouse (eHouse4Ethernet) is an architecture based on Ethernet (LAN) controllers ( medium and large ) .
Making installation segments are independent of each other and can be galvanically isolated . In this case, the damage to one segment of the installation does not involve damage to other drivers

eHouse Smart Home – connect CommManager DIY

eHouse Home Automation – do it yourself installation CommManager / LevelManager

CommManager is the system controller of eHouse Smart Home used to ensure safety in the home , and enables you to manage and control roller shutter drives , awnings , gates , windows , doors, servos etc..

Alternatively, it is possible to use all the outputs as single ( LevelManager mode).
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