Ethernet eHouse smart home demo – Rooms

eHouse Ethernet Electronic House demo – rooms

home automation eHouse4Ethernet control rooms by EthernetRoomManager. Project Demo eHouse building electronic version of Ethernet (LAN) – living quarters , offices , bedrooms .

General description of the demo project eHouse4Ethernet smart home Demo
The rooms are designed universally, taking into account the decades of use, and change their destiny, growing up of children and so on.

Redundant design of premises, automation control, allows you to avoid renovations, repairs , changes in electrical installations , adding new cables .
Because cost of the controller along with accessories is many times less than the cost of the overhaul of the room and the building.

In comfort version one EthernetRoomManager is used for each room, integrating all devices, heating, lighting, infrared control, HiFi equipment and enables synergy of all elements.

Ethernet RoomManager Smart Home eHouse4Ethernet used for comprehensive management and control of equipment in any type of premises. eHouse controllers include the entire “logic” for rooms so you do not need to connect external devices with built-in logic, by which the entire system is many times cheaper, more functional.

A very large number of hardware resources enables the design of any control in the room :

  • 24 – 32 programmable outputs on/off
  • 12 programmable inputs on/off
  • 8 programmable measuring inputs
  • IR transmitter for remote control of external HiFi, Audio-Video equipment
  • IR receiver for remote control of the entire system .
  • 3 PWM/DC dimmers – dimmable LED lighting or LED RGB

The basic Ethernet RoomManager controller functionality:

  • Advanced built-in scheduler / calendar 128 items
  • 12 regulatory programs ( eg. heating, lighting – high, low thresholds with assosiated events for execution)
  • 24 programs for outputs – with possibility to
    • turn on
    • turn off
    • toggle
    • don’t change

    for each output individually

  • opportunity to learn 250 IR remote codes to control external hifi, TV, Sat, audio-video systems
  • the ability to control directly from a Web browser , smartphones , PAD, PC
  • the ability to create dedicated software algorithms on a PC or Linux computer board such as Raspberry Pi

The demonstration project for residential premises , the following output

  • Central 1 Lighting
  • Central 2 Lighting
  • Side 1 Lighting
  • Side 2 Lighting
  • Night Lamp 1
  • Night Lamp 2
  • TV light
  • Desk lamp 1
  • Desk lamp 2
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Heaters (radiators)
  • Heating – Water Bed 1
  • Heating – Water Bed 2
  • ventilation/recuperation supply Close
  • ventilation/recuperation supply Open
  • socket 1
  • socket 2
  • socket 3
  • socket 4
  • Decorative Lighting Red
  • Decorative Lighting Green
  • Decorative Lighting Blue
  • Night lights
  • Lighting Dressing

The controller is mounted in a mini switchboard together with relays. Coils are connected to the low voltage outputs directly in controlled rooms. Actuators are switched by the relay contacts.

14 independent segments designed lighting which allows you to create sophisticated scenes with output programs or incorporated individually .

Night light turns on automatically depending on the program of work and light level outside. Also includes colorful decorative lighting LED RGB ornaments sites and glazed elements .

In addition, a section of floor heating and radiators control is implemented. Automation also provides automatic control of heating two water beds if needed. All heating methods work together in synergy.

The rest of the available controlled outputs are distributed to outlets at various points in the rooms. It could be used in the future for individual needs of residents or connect any 230V device.

For measurements used 7 measurement inputs:

  • Floor Temperature – to control the underfloor heating if necessary
  • Outside temperature North / South (*) – for information
  • Outside temperature East / West (*) – for information
  • Water Bed 1 Temperature – optional for heating water bed
  • Water Bed 2 Temperature – optional for heating water bed
  • Room temperature – to control air temperature (radiator)
  • The level of external lighting – the automatic turn on night lighting

We plan all 12 digital inputs for switches

  • Lighting On/Off
  • PIR Motion Sensor – the automatic turn on night lighting
  • heating Max – incorporate the maximum heating
  • alarm Sleeping – change the security zone – “sleeping”
  • Deactivate Alarm – optional
  • Alarm Summer Sleeping – change the security zone “summer Sleeping”, with the windows open
  • heating + . Increasing the heating in the room
  • heating – . Decreasing heat in the room
  • Night lamp 1 On/Off
  • Night lamp 2 On/Off
  • blind Close – closing the blinds in the room
  • blind Open – closing the blinds in the room