eHouse LAN smart home – mini-switchboard

eHouse Smart home LAN Mini-assembled switchgear building automation ready to connect. The new version in a metal box specially designed for RoomManager, EthernetRoomManager, MiniEthernetRoomManager, Integrated EthernetRoomManager+Relay Module MP18.
In this post we discuss DIY connection, professional mini-switch-board of eHouse LAN Smart home with “EthernetRoomManager MINI” or “EthernetRoomManager” (ERM) controllers. ERMs controllers are optimized to the installation of electrical fuse boxes and relay module MP-18 contains 18 relays with sockets and PCB carries out a set of all Low voltage connections between the controller and relays without long hours, tedious patching cables.
The box is also available in a version with two DIN rails (MIDI) to ensure full functionality of the ERM controller (32 output on / off).

Connect all low voltage accessories to the controller has been discussed in article
“connect the mini switchboard for self-assembly”.

Due to several variants of eHouse controllers based on RoomManager architecture RM, ERM, ERMMINI designed a dedicated housing mini-switchboard lets you install any of the above.
Similarly, you can connect any variant of the relay module MP-18.

The box is a metal, analogous to the distribution of professional electrical and plumbing installation distributors.
External dimensions unilateral frame: 458 * 308mm
The dimensions of the box without the frame: 402 * 250 * 110mm

It includes:

  • metal front: Frame + door with a lock on key
  • set of threaded holes for the installation of all components of switchboard (NO 4 bus, the ERM controllers, LED power supply 12V / 8A) in many ways
  • 3 ways to mount the Power Supply
  • 2 types of relay modules
  • 3 types of drivers RM, ERM, ERMMini, ERMMP18
  • 6 combinations mounting controllers
  • 4 rails make contacts for connecting external cables to mini-switchboard (230V and LED lighting / LED RGB)
  • 2 rails make contacts for 230V wires (neutral and protective) allowing very convenient installation
  • faceplates for electronics only for ERMMini
  • Several holes are mounting box in the wall

Assembled mini-switchboard includes

  • Switch Mode Power Supply LED 12V/8A power enable building automation, all the relays and LED strips connected to dimmers
  • external IR control panel: (Infrared Receiver/Transmitter , temperature sensor, light sensor) also finished wiring (IDC-16) panel (8m max) to derive it from the electrical box in front of the audio-video system (optional)
  • wiring switches IDC-14 (10m) to distribute it in series around the room. (optional)
  • 8 temperature sensors assembled with 10m of cables and connector for direct tie to the eHouse LAN controller (optional). You can order individually made optional temperature sensors with cable for your installation ready to attach to the controller. Once the installer is only necessary:
    • mounted a mini-distribution complex in a wall in a room or in a controlled area
    • Serial cable distribution of IDC-14 to switches, sensors (between the cans for electrical switches)
    • IDC-16 cable distribution for infrared panel between the controller and the panel
    • The distribution and connecting 230V wiring and another for the relays
    • Connect the power adapter to 230V
    • Connect 12V LED strips to dimmers
    • Optional distribution of additional wiring of sensors in the planned space

Distribution box with integrated pulse power supply LED 12V / 8A power building automation, relays, tapes LED / RGB LED.
The box should be installed behind light furnitures to not marred rooms. Electronics controllers should be mounted at the bottom of the box to provide best cooling.

Assembled box without external wires:

smart home eHouse mini-switch-board without front

Appearance in front of the box:
smart home mini-switch-board

Assembled box without external wires:
smart home eHouse mini-switch-board without front

Assembled box after removing the frame from the door:
Smart House eHouse Mini-distributor

Assembled mini-switch-board after removing the mask/shield for electronics:
smart home eHouse mini-switch-board

An empty box without eHouse accessories:
box mini-switch-board

The power supply can be installed in box (2 screws – M3) in 3 ways:
The bottom side of box:
mini-switch-board ehouse Power Supply
Right / Left side of box:
mini-switch-board ehouse Power Supply
mini-switch-board ehouse Power Supply

Installation 2 variants of the relay module MP-18 for ERMMini:
intelligent home ehouse installation

The second way does not allow mounting electronics shield/cover:
intelligent home ehouse installation

Installation 2 variants of the MP-18 for ERM standard (it is not possible to install the cover):
intelligent home ehouse installation

intelligent home ehouse installation

intelligent home ehouse installation

6 rails make contacts easier and faster installation. 2 of them are redundant allowing the installation of optional components and easy installation.
intelligent home ehouse installation

Cable connections to the ERM standard – 5pin power connector on the board of ERM.

intelligent home ehouse installation

Rail terminals with 6 pairs of colors were determined:
1) Red LED 1 (red – cathode)
2) The green LED 2 (green color – cathode)
3) blue LED 3 (blue – cathode)
4) black ground (0V Low Voltage) isolated from other voltages by LED driver
5) yellow / orange + 12V power to the controller and relays

230V cables connected to eg. Rail NO 3 pin (Phase 1)
intelligent home ehouse installation

1) brown wire – phase
2) yellow-green – protection – to make contacts to yellow bus
3) Blue – neutral – rail neutral to blue bus

For 3-phase rail can be used normally open from 5 pairs of terminals.

ERM Controller contains 12V power connector (green DEGSON 6 PIN) which also include dimmers outputs.
In distribution we use Switching Power Supply 12V/8A (100W) with galvanic isolation and security protections. Under the dedicated power supply made the holes for the 3 variants of the installation.
Using an adapter within the available space is theoretically possible but very cumbersome: it requires individual mounting box, move elements box, relay module, rails make contacts, and so on.

Lead power connector MP-18 / dimmers:

  • 1. LED 1 (RED)
  • 2. LED 2 (GREEN)
  • 3. LED 3 (BLUE)
  • 4. GND – 0V
  • 5. + 12V power controllers (optional UPS Vups)
  • 6. + 12V power relays (Vdrv)The power supply is connected properly poles to pin 4 (0V), 6 (+ 12V). When we have sustained-power supply (UPS) + 12V we can connect it to pin 5.
    You can connect to the distribution LED strips or LED / RGB. The cathode (-) terminals LED dimmers (pins 1,2,3) All anodes to + 12V power supply.
    Use wires with a diameter of 2.5mm2 in a box and 4mm2 outside the box because of the high current and voltage drop on wires.
    To simplify the installation derive all the cables on the rail neutral 5 pairs of contacts. No UPS power for controller.

    intelligent home ehouse installation

    intelligent home ehouse installation

    Connecting 12V/8A to rails, performing power LED lighting controller and relays.
    intelligent home ehouse installation

    Low voltage cables can be put under the power supply before its tightening.
    intelligent home ehouse installation

    We can also use the cover with plastic stretches to make box was more aesthetic.

    Connecting the AC to 230V, to terminals of rails:
    intelligent home ehouse installation

    intelligent home ehouse installation

    Connecting contacts neutral and protective rail:
    intelligent home ehouse installation

    intelligent home ehouse installation

    Assembled mini-switch-board with ERM Standard before securing loose wires
    intelligent home ehouse

    intelligent home ehouse

    Smart Home diagram of a mini-distribution

     intelligent home eHouse LAN - Mini Mini ERM switching scheme

    Smart House eHouse LAN Mini-switching scheme PDF