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Hot water tank management for heating and water usage

intelligent Building Smart Home eHouse allows you to manage and control hot water buffer . Tanks are used for the storage of hot water for heating and warm usable water needs .
Allow you to optimize the process of heating and hot water to accumulate, minimizing the required power boilers and reducing the energy input for heating by tens of percent.

HeatManager has ​​3 Tray temperature measurements hot water and CO (bottom , measure , top) and analyzes the mean values ​​so there is no need to mix the contents of the buffer with hot water and allows you to turn on/off the boiler or heat pump to provide the required temperature for heating and hot water needs.

The level of heating a hot water buffer is indicated by the status output (PWM – Pulse Width Modulation) .

At maximum heat (for current program) hot water buffer above 100% the LED is steady . Below this value, the LED starts to flash and extinguish. Duty Cycle (ratio) of the time compared to the time integration is proportional to the rate of heating of the buffer in the working program HeatManager .

If the temperature in the heat buffer is not sufficient for heating and supplying hot water it blinks faster.
boiler control is running for lowering the temperature below the programmed value for that profile or not sufficient for heating or hot water.

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