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Control Boiler, Heat pump

Control Boiler takes place from the Central Heating and Ventilation controller.
The controller alternatively can manage a heat pump ( on/off ).

Basic Operation of the boiler or heat pump is done by connecting the control input ( weather compensator ) to the output HeatManager ( boiler ( on / off ) ) .
Switching on and off of the boiler is set manually or automatically ( by analyzing the parameters for the entire boiler and central heating system ) .
The boiler is blocked in cases of work fireplace or solar collectors , which are superior to the boiler .
In addition, Heat Manager can provide the master and direct control of solid fuel boilers or experimental devices .
HeatManager has additional outputs to :

  • blocking power supply of the boiler (manually or schedule )
  • blocking the drive tray (manually or schedule )
  • overriding the inclusion of the drive tray (for use with manual or schedule)
  • Programmable Alarm output for signaling boiler overheating

Boiler control takes place:

  • Manually by running the appropriate system events from any system control method eHouse
  • automatically – Control by scheduler / calendar
  • automatically – work program ( heating and ventilation) HeatManager
  • Automatically switching as a result of too low a mean temperature in domestic hot water for heating and hot water
  • Automatically turn at too low a temperature for hot water or heating