Control rollers, gates, gateways, doors, windows, servos

blind control , gates , awnings

eHouse Smart Home can be used to control and management of drives :

  • Rollers
  • gates, gateways
  • Marquis
  • doors
  • window
  • blinds
  • servos

Control blinds, gateways can be automated also by driver blinds , gates ExternalManager

Rollers control – Somfy system

eHouse supports drives in somfy system controlled two control lines (A and B):

  • line A – closing drive (pulse 2s)
  • line B – opening drive (pulse 2s)
  • A and B simultaneously – stop the drive (pulses 2s)

Blinds must be galvanically separated from the driver by relays due to low voltage nature of the system eHouse and need to isolate the various tensions between systems .
A pair of output lines driver blinds , gates , Marquess connects via relays for independent drives blinds , awnings , gates

Control blinds in other standards than Somfy

eHouse can manage Shutter, blinds controlled by two lines as follows:

  • Line A – Closing ( turn on by maximum travel time of all drives – programmable )
  • Line B – Opening (turn on by maximum travel time of all drives – programmable )
  • No signal on both lines ( no movement drives )

The controller has build-in software security :

  • against movement in both directions simultaneously (non Somfy mode)
  • programmable delay time before changing direction

However, due to safety and increase the life expectancy of drives it requires build-in security of hardware drives from :

  • blocking or freezing the drive
  • immediate change of direction
  • An attempt to run in both directions at once
  • too burdensome drives

In this mode, the drives must meet strict requirements to ensure trouble-free operation for years of use :

  • protection of Inertia
  • Protection against blocking movement
  • Protection against voltage on the simultaneous administration of the two control lines
  • security edge limit – limit switches

Control of the drive roller, shutters, gates , Marquess controlled one-line control

Control of such drives is possible with RoomManagers .

This control does not provide the information about the drive state position due to no uniqueness of the direction of movement of the drive .

This would require the use of reed confirming the closing or opening of the drive and on this basis to determine the direction of the blinds , beyond the control algorithm managing blinds