Drives controller with security system – CommManager

CommManager = Alarm notification SMS + drives, gateways, servos controller

eHouse home automation controller CommManager roller, Gates and Alarm controller is the successor to the combined drivers ExternalManager – enabling Control Rollers and 2 * alarm InputExtenders.
In one driver integrated alarm system with SMS notification and control blinds, gates and awnings.
In addition, the controller has a built-in Ethernet interface for communication via LAN , Internet , WiFi .

The controller thus is an independent alarm system with built-in interfaces for direct control by SMS, LAN, wifi, Internet.

Hardware outputs Alarm , Warning , monitoring , Early Warning are individually programmed for each security zone. This allows creation of individual access “mask” for security and launch specific signals following the activity monitored alarm sensors .

In addition, defined three security group to receive notifications of GSM (zone change , alarms , Deactivate the alarm) .

This allows you to send notifications to those interested persons ( neighbors , protection Agency , residents , family, etc. ) .

The alarm system is activated and deactivated outside the protected zone directly over WiFi, Internet ( connection secured authentication with variable code (dynamic) from any device (mobile phone , PDA , panels eHouse software on different operating systems (Android, Java, Windows Mobile , Mobile Java MIDP , Windows XP , Vista , 7, Windows 8 ).
Smart House eHouse Software

CommManager unlike other typical alarm system does not have a keyboard which is the weak point of the system , giving attackers time to make a quick action ( eg, taking valuable equipment and escape before the signal will alert people ).

The Roller , Awnings and gates controller has a much greater number of independent systems blinds to control than ExernalManager and allows you to configure operating parameters of blinds (programming time of the control pulse and the maximum time of travel .

CommManager has built in an advanced calendar – scheduler to run repetitive events and programming at a certain time, time of day, month etc..

CommManager has a built-in RS-485 for direct cooperation with the system eHouse 1. Can replace the PC as the main host system eHouse1 . In this mode, controller reads eHouse 1 status and sends to the active control panels and visualize the status of the drivers.
CommManager has built-in analog inputs – digital voltage measurement , temperature and other physical values, for adjusting the physical parameter. This is achieved by a system event to connecting the controller with the threshold levels.
The measuring inputs are linked to the programs , that integrate and group all settings ADCs (upper and lower threshold) .

CommManager has built-in blinds control programs, awnings , gates together with a security zone, allowing you to change the position of all blinds and select the security group . This allows very easy control of security system .
Smart Home eHouse is controlled by SMS , Ethernet directly CommManager.