eHouse RS-485 smart home, intelligent building

RoomManager – smart home controller

Smart House , intelligent Building eHouse has drivers room RoomManager dedicated control rooms. They are optimized to control one or a group of premises .

The controller allows the control rooms of many groups of devices by a microprocessor device:

  • Light control traditional smart home , low-voltage LED , RGB LED
  • Dimmers DC / PWM ( +12VDC dimmers with pulse width modulation )
  • heating control individual on the premises (ordinary , floor )
  • Control of HiFi equipment , Audio-Video , TV / Sat emulation infrared remote signals
  • illuminance
  • Multipoint measurement and temperature control
  • Multipoint measurement of any physical value of analog sensors
  • Adjust any physical value using actuators
  • intelligent Digital inputs ( programmable ) to connect switches , sensors , etc..
  • intelligent Digital output ( programmable ) to turn on the light , heating , actuators

In addition, the following features:

  • Direct control of standard infrared remote controller Sony ( SONY standard IR controller , universal , IR panels )
  • Built-in advanced schedule – calendar to start repetitive events during
  • Built-in software for automatic switching of all outputs and measurements
  • Built-in infrared transmitter to control external hardware hifi , TV , SAT , Audio / Video
  • The possibility of implementing a universal remote control functions by RoomManager and add events to the IR controller
  • The ability to link remote codes for Sony IR controller with events of infrared remotes of other companies (receiving commands from the remote control Sony and sending a command associated with a button and the code from another remote )

With the controller you can get complex room control allowing local and remote control of all devices connected to the system eHouse .


  • RoomManager must be placed in front of HiFi equipment , Audio – video , TV to allow direct contact between the optical RoomManager and Audio / Video equipment.
  • RoomManager best to put near ceiling at a distance of at least 1m away from the wall so that future placement of furniture did not interfere with infrared transmission
  • distance between RoomManager and hifi equipment must be less than 8m
  • Range infrared control between RM and audio equipment – Video should be tested before plastering the building with the maximum sunlight on HiFi equipment, because in this case the margin of error and the sensitivity of the IR receivers is the smallest.
  • The infrared receiver can be placed at a distance of 1-5m counting with potentially worse IR reception parameters ( distance tests should be performed at the maximum light level in the room)
  • The IR transmitter can be placed at a certain distance to 5m. This requires testing and verification for each available HiFi equipment
  • Sensors (analog) should be placed as close to the RM and conducted shielded cables as far away from wires and interfering signals
  • The sensors measure the air temperature must be at a height of 0-1.2m to correctly indicate the room temperature
  • external sensors , flooded the floor , etc. , should be secured so as to be hermetically sealed (e.g. . coated with epoxy resin ), which provides complete isolation from external voltages and interfering signals
  • all inputs , output RoomManager must be galvanically separated ( isolated ) from the external voltage outside eHouse drivers so that they do not cause damage to the low-voltage drivers , do not interfere with the measurements, did not result in automatic switch of inputs .
  • The use of dimmers require the shortest possible wiring between controllers and power dimmers .
  • The distance between the controller and relay module can be up to 33m (limited by the length of the tape IDC-40)
  • RoomManagers should be treated as local drivers, not using algorithms actuator outputs in one RoomManager with the signal of another RoomManager .
  • Due to continuous operation , ensure adequate cabinet volume RoomManager, to allow the exchange of heat , airflow and cooling system .