Control Lights

Lighting Control

eHouse – Smart Home allows you to Control lights , which is performed by the room controller RoomManager , EthernetRoomManager or LevelManager .
Control can be done by :

  • turning on and off a single circuit of the light from 1 to 24 for RM
  • dimming and brightening dimmers max 3 for a single controller
  • Automatic lighting controls by analyzing the current lighting and maintain the preset thresholds between min , max

lighting Control on/off relays is done by allowing the separation of low-voltage voltage drivers from outside eHouse system, in particular the 230V .

Controlling dimmers PWM/DC is done by power drivers included with the of optical isolation for separate external voltage from eHouse controllers.

Due to the presence of 3 PWM dimmers on each controller can control 3 independent channels / groups or lighting controllers provide color LED lighting through independent dimming RGB color components (red , blue , green)

lighting controller , RGB LED dimmers

Lighting control can be done individually by switching on/off or dimming/brightening of the output (lighting circuit) or in groups through programs, user profiles, light scenes by setting all outputs lighting and dimmers in a pre-programmed manner .

Drivers eHouse allow for direct control with IR remote control in Sony standard.

Alternatively, can be controlled from any control methods available in the system eHouse.

eHouse system can control:

  • 230V lighting
  • low voltage lighting and has – current
  • halogen lighting
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • LED lighting and LED RGB
  • and decorative lighting special