Automatic heating control – eHouse Smart Home

Automatic heating control

eHouse Smart Home ( System controllers ) perform both functions for individual
heating control and central heating control .

Central Heating Control is accomplished by HeatManager controller for boiler room and ventilation .
Local heating control is carried out by drivers room RoomManager, LevelManager , EthernetRoomManager

Control central heating

Usage of HeatManager allows you to automate and control unmanned boiler heating systems integrating different in one installation to ensure high economic during complex building heating.

  • boiler control
  • Control of the heat pump
  • Controlling a fireplace with a water jacket
  • Controlling fireplace with hot air distribution
  • Control of heating ventilation and blowing in circulation recuperator
  • Control of solar collectors
  • Control of heat exchangers
  • Control of fans supporting heating , recuperation and ventilation

Heating devices and recuperation

Heating control local and individual indoor

Local control allows for optimal use of central heating :

  • maintaining the required temperature in all areas individually
  • reheating and cooling rooms , the temperature is not within the programmed threshold value ( min , max) without the need for cooling or heating of all rooms and overheating while other rooms in order to achieve the desired temperature in the room .
  • 100 % the use of heating energy without losses having the time of day , year , residents demand
  • Adaptive heating of each room, automatic leveling influence of external variables dependent on time of day, year, climatic conditions and weather conditions such as:
    • sun and the direction of incidence of the sun
    • wind power , direction , temperature
    • humidity
    • imperfection and mistakes during the construction process : the local thermal bridges , leak , excessive moisture in some areas ,

heating control

  • radiators
  • floor
  • ventilation
  • blow

Process automation proper heating and ventilation beyond the obvious gains and savings on heating energy Heating, Central Heating and getting warm usable water also allows you to achieve additional benefits:

  • Maintaining the optimum moisture content in the premises
  • Prevention of the formation of fungi , mold , musty odor , moisture
  • Reducing humidity wall insulation to reduce home and causing an increase in expenditures on heating and destruction of home
  • Reducing expenditures for necessary repairs due to improper heating and ventilation in the home especially in the new and damp homes on wet building processes
  • Maintaining a healthy and comfortable living and dwelling in the house

Smart Home , intelligent Building Manufacturer
Heating control of both local and central can be done individually for each heating zone as well as the software defined profiles and work programs .
In addition, to the heating process was more maintenance-free controller is implemented in each scheduler / Calendar for automatic control, taking into account seasons , day and the current needs of users .