Android vs. Windows Phone Programming

Android vs . Windows Phone, Mobile – Programming

Comparison of platforms Android and Windows Mobile , Phone

Windows Mobile is an operating system for mobile platforms from Microsoft .

  • These systems are comparable and the choice depends more on the user’s taste than the lack of some functionality
  • Windows Mobile has a simple and intuitive nature especially for Windows users
  • A very large number of devices to choose from operator platform “dot net” “.NET” “.Net CF” comparable with Android
  • The operating system ( on which the platform . Net) with Microsoft products is payable
  • One of the major shortcomings of Windows Mobile (version 7 and earlier) is the lack of multi-tasking operating system (switchable applications and their work in the background)

High-level programming for Windows Mobile is the mostly developed in c# for multi-Dot Net platform application development environment (.net) .
This means that “Dot Net” applications are easily adaptable to different devices ( mobile , PC , PADs, SmartPhones, PDAs , etc. ) and the same version of the software ( solid core applications with small Exclusions for different operating systems and devices) , can be created without having to write software from scratch .

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows Mobile SDK environment :

  • High price of development tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (cost over 3000Euro )
  • Very fast development of software thanks to its creation on Win32 platform (Windows PC) and then port to other platforms (Windows Mobile, Phone, CE , etc.. )
  • much faster debugging and testing applications in relation to other development environments , due to the possibility of testing Windows directly and not the emulator software at that