eHouse Smart Home – Android control

Smart Home – Control the home with Android

Google’s Android is one of the fastest growing operating systems. Currently, it holds the largest market share of operating systems for mobile platforms (smarphones, PADs, Smart TV, etc.).

Ahead on operating systems, that existed on the market much longer than WindowsMobile , Windows Phone , Windows Phone 8 , Symbian , iOS , etc. . .
It can work on a large number of different hardware :

  • GSM Mobile Phones
  • PDA
  • PADs
  • Smartphones
  • TouchPhones
  • Touch panels
  • TV – Smart TV
  • Any Android device
  • Audio Equipment – video
  • TV equipment – SAT

Android is free which makes it even more attractive to users.
It is available on many types of devices, and many manufacturers, giving users a large selection of equipment, in contrast for example to Apple products ( iPad , IPhone ) .
Many applications available on the “Android Market” also free of charge makes it even more attractive.

These features make it the most attractive Android and most promising for creating applications of any type for mobile platforms .

In contrast to other major operating systems , design environment is also free , which significantly reduces the cost of application development and makes writing programs generally available to all.

The main high – level language programming for Android is Java, which, however, differs slightly from the syntax and structure of the Java SE, Java ME MIDP and require adaptation of some libraries and functions.

As the first company in the market producing eHouse intelligent home, we provide libraries and APIs and finished the communication software for creating their own applications for eHouse system, without deep into the low-level methods of transmission and communication with drivers.

This will allow the individual to create control software , communication , visualization for users , individuals , cooperating companies , developers with smart home system eHouse .