Android vs. Apple programming

Android Vs . OSx APPLE – programming

Comparison of Android development environments and OSx ( for iPad , IPhone )

Android in relation to software for iPhone and iPad is a solution for creating applications for amateurs, and not just for professional software development companies for the following reasons:

  • Apple sells SDK development environment for its mobile platform and charge a flat-rate subscription fee ( annual )
  • The Android operating system along with the development environment SDK is free and generally available
  • The Android operating system runs on a large number of different mobile devices giving users the ability to choose
  • Apple devices only allows the installation of applications from the “Apple Market” store, which makes it difficult and limits the possibility of programming , distribution and installation
  • Software written for the Apple platform requires sending , verification , acceptance by Apple which increases the inertia of the software development , new releases , and imposes many restrictions on
  • the cost of creating , testing , Acceptance with respect to the software are significantly larger Android
  • it is necessary to have Apple PC computer and apple mobile device for programming – no cross platform tools
  • A small number of Apple devices ( dedicated ) does not give virtually no choice of equipment