ehouse intelligent home denon, marantz integration

eHouse smart home integration with Marantz, Denon Audio/Video, via Ethernet

Marantz and Denon Audio/Video Systems have the same control protocols via RS232 or Ethernet.
eHouse Smart Home enables direct control and integration via LAN (Ethernet) from eHouse4cServer, eHouse.PRO software.

This equipment can be controlled from an external application via Ethernet/WiFi and Telnet client or standard TCP/IP Socket.
The range of available commands and control is very wide and allows virtually any hardware management Audio/Video above companies, inter alia:

  • switching of Audio/Video inputs, ethernet, internet, wifi, bluetooth
  • change the parameters of the sound: volume, balance, graphic equalizer
  • change the parameters DSP: 3D effects, audio, home Cinema
  • switching, tracks from any source, radio stations, Internet, etc..
  • display control hardware Audio/Video
  • change sound parameters, image

When you connect via telnet or TCP socket to port 23 (telnet), you can send any command that checks the status of the command or change the parameters of the command.
Control command (ASCII) is contained in a single line ending mark “Carriage Return” #13 – ASCII.
With this command easiest way to test using telnet connecting with audio/video: “telnet %AV.IP% 23” where %AV.IP% is the IP address of the audio/video device in a local area network.

Available commands depend on the type and model of device, its functionality and existing specific functions in equipement.
The command has 2 Alphanumeric characters such as SI, MV, PW.
After the command is given, parameters (arguments) to a command or a question mark “?” to check the status of the command and press “enter”.
for example:

  • SIDVD – Select Input DVD
  • MVUP – Master volume UP
  • MVDOWN – Master volume Down
  • PWON – Power ON
  • MV ? – Master Volume Level Info

The individual commands or groups of commands can be added to the configuration of eHouse4cServer application and can be run directly from eHouse system as standard eHouse events, with control panels or associated with the infrared remote codes.

Denon/Marantz Control Protocol has been implemented in eHouse4cServer application.
Full list of commands is located at addresses.
The protocol is the same but the list of commands can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, type of device.
hardware control Audio/Video Denon via Ethernet of the intelligent home system eHouse.
hardware control Audio/Video Marantz via Ethernet of the intelligent home system eHouse.