eHouse smart home integration with onkyo audio/video equipement

eHouse smart home integration with Onkyo audio/video equipment

Intelligent Building Integration with hardware Audio / Video Onkyo via Ethernet – control Protocol Utilities

The latest Onkyo equipment (produced since 2010 ) has been equipped with an Ethernet port (LAN ) for communication over the network and the ability to control external equipment . Onkyo has its own protocol control your devices ” ICSP ” for RS232 and extended with additional headers ” eICSP ” for Ethernet . Thanks Smart Home eHouse can directly control the hardware Onkyo directly via LAN . Control via RS – 232 requires an additional PC hardware and physical connections with the equipment so it became uneconomic in the newer generation hardware equipped with an Ethernet connector .
ICSP protocol is as follows: “!1PWR00\x0d ” ( for power off ) where:

  • ‘!’ – is the beginning of a command
  • digit is no device
  • control command
  • ‘\0x0D’ end-of-line, ‘\0xYY’ – binary hex data

EICSP protocol is extended with headers (headers) and looks like this:
ISCP \x00 \x00 \x00 \x10 \x00 \x00 \x00 \x08 \x01 \x00 \x00 \x00 !1PWR01 \x1A \x0d ( power-on)
ISCP \x00 \x00 \x00 \x10 \x00 \x00 \x00 \x08 \x01 \x00 \x00 \x00 !1PWR00 \x1A \x0d (power-off)

  • Headline DC: “ISCP \x00 \x00 \x00 \x10 \x00 \x00 \x00 \x08 \x01 \x00 \x00 \x00”
  • ‘!’ start command – as in the ICSP
  • digit is no device – as in the ICSP
  • control command – as in the ICSP
  • end-of-frame “\x1A” or “\x1A\x0A” or “\x1A\x0d\x0A” depending on the device . where \x1A = [EOF] , \x0A – [LF] , \x0d – [CR]

Control commands can be sent directly from TCP client or TCP sockets. As the header contains the data stored in binary data so it can not do this with a standard Telnet application.
In documentation for Onkyo devices accept only one connection and the manufacturer recommends keeping an open TCP connection.
However, if you want to control directly with different devices or independent from network errors, it is better to send control command , Wait to receive confirmation from Audio/Video equipment and then disconnect the TCP connection socket.
In this way online notifications and status is lost.
Full integration would require implement the entire status of the hardware Audio/Video control panels ( dedicated solution ) for a given device .
from eHouse4cServer application for Onkyo audio/video equipment control event has the form “onkyo %IP% %command%” where %IP% is the IP address of the ONKYO , %COMMAND% ISCP is a code example “!1PWR00” . eHouse4cServer software same header and footer are added before sending the event to the hardware Audio/Video .
Protocol ONKYO eICSP :

eISCP Header I S C P
Header Size
Date Size
Version Reserved
eISCP Date 1stChar 2ndChar 3rdChar 4thChar
5thChar ISCP Message
eISCP Date ( = ISCP Message)
1st 2nd 3rd – 5th 6th – last
! 1 P In R 0 1 [ EOF ] [CR ] [ LF]