eHouse Intelligent Building – eHouse4cServer, eHouse.PRO software modules

eHouse Intelligent Building – eHouse4cServer software modules

Smart Home eHouse software eHouse4cServer.

EHouse4cServer software is written in C language for Linux based systems, eg. Embedded Linux , Linux Ubuntu, Raspbian, Unix , etc..
It can be used as programming libraries, Open Source (partially – contains all the protocols of communication with the drivers) , software templates.
Available modules libraries can be linked together with their own or shared libraries compiled with its own source code, so you can largely support eHouse system of its own software control and management.
The software is implemented as a multi-threaded virtually independently for each of the communication, to allow efficient operation even in the weakest hardware.

Basic application modules have the following features:

  • “ApacheTcpServer” – realizes cooperation to apache web server
  • “EhouseEvents” – supports eHouse events, event queue
  • “eHouse4CAN” – eHouse 4 CAN system support
  • “EhouseTCPServer” – TCP/IP servers compliant with EthernetEhouse controllers. In addition, enables the transparent mode ” eHouse 1 ” interface RS-485 gateway of eHouse4cServer.
    Transparent mode allows you to upload the configuration to the controllers of the applications “eHouse.exe” multi-threaded module.
  • “EhouseTcpClient” – is an implementation of multi-threaded, TCP/IP client compatible to EthernetEhouse controllers. It allows you to send events to eHouse Ethernet system controllers – multi-threaded module.
  • “EhouseUDPListener” – UDP broadcast listener for eHouse Ethernet controllers status. This allows connectionless data reception from all controllers at once. At the same time for any number of control panels.
  • “HtmlRequests” – multi-threaded Web client support for implementing the HTML request for external equipment, hardware , Audio/Video, third party software, WEB applications – supports SSL. Multi-threaded module.
  • “IndividualAlgorithms” – is a module which functions are launched sequentially in eHouse4cServer application. This allows you to create your own algorithms integrated with compiled modules.
  • “SmsHardwareGateway” – Support a hardware SMS gateway. GSM/SMS module connected to a computer through USB/RS-232 – independent thread.
  • “SmsWeb2Gsm” – SMS Gateway Web service Polish telecommunication operators: PLUS GSM, era, Orange. Independent threads for each Web gateway.
  • “eHouseRS485” – Support for Intelligent home “eHouse 1” connected to the Linux computer connected to the USB port, RS-232/RS-485. Independent thread communication.
  • “Onkyo” – eISCP management protocol control Audio/Video, Onkyo Home Theater and receiver system status
  • “DenonMarantz” – Denon and Marantz control protocol for equipment manage Audio/Video , Home Cinema
  • “telnet” – The module functions implementing telnet client to control an external AV equipment – independent thread.
  • “names” – Reading the names of eHouse system, creating XML status for external systems , HTML pages to control and visualization.

These modules allow easy eHouse system integration with external devices and systems via the TCP/IP communication, Ethernet, WEB applications, Website, SMS, etc..