eHouse Intelligent home – control via infrared

eHouse Intelligent Building System – Integration Audio / Video with infrared

eHouse smart home provides hardware and wireless integration with plenty of Audio-Video equipment of various types.
With the implementation of intelligent infrared transmitter ( compatible with dozens IR standards / protocols of different companies) it is possible to purchase Audio/Video equipment that will be directly and wirelessly supported by RoomManager controllers in room within the infrared and visible range .

Infrared remote control (IR Control) A/V hardware is used successfully around 40 years and has not found any competitive methods, which could begin to replace this kind of communication control for HiFi, A/V equipment.
Despite the fact that modern A/V equipment is often equipped with a microcomputer control and a variety of communication interfaces such as . Ethernet , WiFi , BlueTooth , RS232 , USB , IR control is fastest, cheapest and simply the best form of communication for this kind of devices.

IR Control has a number of features which over the years beat other remote control methods or intelligent control panels (pads , smartphones).

  • Confined to one room , does not affect the devices in neighboring areas
  • relatively long range of infrared remotes controllers average up to 7 – 10m under normal conditions
  • very low power consumption of infrared RC , sufficient for several years of normal operation .
    For comparison smartphones , Pads to control A/V devices by any means , require almost daily charge
  • the lowest cost of remote control in comparison with other types of control panels
  • device is much more mobile and more accessible from smartphones , pads (do not need a few hours charging per day)
  • Infrared remote controls are always in the room where dedicated A/V equipment is installed.
    In contrast to controlling pads for entire floor or house management which can be anywhere
  • Infrared remotes are much more durable than pads , smartphones . This applies particularly to the battery , accumulators usage and mechanical damage .
  • Infrared remote controls are much faster in operation compared to other methods of control.
    In smartphones , tablet device goes to sleep and disconnects part of the communication interfaces and screen to save battery, causing the reaction takes several seconds.
    In addition, there is poring through user interfaces , menus to find the desired function .

Infrared Control refers to the A/V system, TV, Sat and more:

  • Tape recorders
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Home Cinema
  • tuners
  • Internet radio
  • amplifiers / receivers
  • BlueRay DVD
  • Recordery CD , DVD , BlueRay DVD
  • video VCR
  • air handling devices
  • light dimmers and lighting spotlights in areas controlled wirelessly via infrared

By implementing room controllers ( Smart Home RoomManager ) And ( Intelligent Building EthernetRoomManager ) Intelligent IR transmitter ( operating on the principle of universal remote control with possibility of learning dozens of standards/protocols of leading Audio/Video) it is possible to control wireless devices equipped with infrared remote control .

RoomManager in conjunction with a eHouse software intercept Audio / Video system IR controller and decode it by specifying the type of standard / protocol and code .
Then each such remote control code is added as a standard eHouse system event with individually given name , which can be launched manually or automatically in any way. IR events are directly encoded in the RoomManager memory during the initial configuration of the controller .

Basic standards supported for infrared control of eHouse system controllers are:

  • SONY20
  • SONY15
  • SONY12
  • JAPAN2
  • RC05MOD
  • NEC
  • JVC
  • Denon
  • LG

Other standards / protocols based on the same pattern but with a different , for example :

  • signal times
  • number of bits
  • headers
  • footers

can be added manually to the system and uploaded to controllers .
Because many manufacturers do not attach importance to the standards of its remote controllers , or create own for their device ,
it is necessary to test the IR code and control of external device to make sure whether it is supported by eHouse system.

It is also not necessary , that all of manufacturer’s equipment have the same IR standard and will be operated by drivers eHouse , because some manufacturers use several standards for infrared , assembling integrated circuits from different manufacturers.
For instance several tested models of different types manufactured by LG, use 4 different standards for infrared, despite the fact that LG has its own IR Control standard.
In addition, producers even in the service instructions do not specify what standard is used in most devices so the best way is to perform simple empirical verification .

Of course, there are companies such as SONY , that are consistent in their standards and infrared for decades using one standard of IR without creating confusion in the market and allowing the integration of their equipment with external systems using infrared.
Thanks to their equipment can be integrated into building management systems, and the hardware is not another independent “black box” associated with another infrared remote control.

Integration and common control of Audio / Video system even different models and manufacturers from a single room controller, provides the following benefits

  • Integrates all devices controlled by infrared in room
  • allows complex management from single application on a smartphone or pad (eg . eHouse4Android ) without having to run multiple independent applications on the pad manufacturers or smartphone, to manage each unit separately
  • The ability to create Infrared control codes: Receiving of control commands from the IR controller (Sony / SIRC standard ) by RoomManager and sending the associated individual control commands or macros for external Audio/Video equipment
  • Ability to integrate eHouse software from PC or computer board with other systems to create dedicated solutions for Media-room , Multi Room , home theater, etc.
  • The possibility of pseudo random control of Audio/Video equipment emitting presence of inhabitant