Green House automation and control

Automatic control of greenhouse , conservatories , conservatory

Smart House eHouse can be used to automate and control of greenhouses , conservatories , winter gardens .

RoomManager or EthernetRoomManager can be used for greenhouse automation .
They allow you to make up to eight independent measurements of physical values ​​such as :

  • temperature
  • lighting
  • humidity
  • CO2
  • moisture of the earth

This makes it possible implementation :

  • heating control
  • lighting control
  • humidity control
  • control waterings
  • weathering control greenhouse
  • alerting of critical operating parameters frost , humidity
  • forcing air flow
  • control of fertilizer dispensers , spraying , etc.

For one object it is necessary to assign at least one RoomManager controller in RS-485 or Ethernet version.
A maximum up to 250 controllers can create one network realizing individual control of the entire glasshouse or a part of it.
Larger objects require split into independent segments above the limit and control them independently .

With the help of cooperating computer, you can also :

  • analyze and archive measurement results
  • create log files
  • process measurement data and optimize the parameters of the plantation for maximum plant growth