eHouse Smart Home – integration with IP cameras

eHouse Smart Home – Integration with IP cameras

eHouse home automation – Connection of third-party IP cameras to eHouse system.

eHouse Smart Home can work with a range of IP cameras.
Modern IP cameras have the following functions:

  • webcam with Ethernet interface and/or WiFi
  • Infrared illumination for night work
  • IR-CUT Filter to day work
  • remote control interface via HTML requests
  • built-in microphone to listen or 2-way communication with panels
  • built-in audio output for 2-way communication with panels
  • support for media streaming
  • complete configuration and control via HTML
  • The motion of the right-left, up-down
  • Alarm output to connect alarm system when motion is detected in the image
  • the ability to upload photos from the moment the alarm to an FTP server, eMail , etc.
  • the ability to view the camera, remotely from any place on earth with Internet connection, and a web browser
  • there are internal and external cameras with different parameters and price of approximately – 50Euro

Alarm connection to the camera is best to connect “non-potential” to the alarm inputs Home Automation CommManager or eHouse.PRO and so you can use the camera as an additional source of security signal.
It should be placed not looking outside the window witch can be triggered by accidental signals caused by wind, birds, etc..
Streaming media can be used to view home, area and as Video Intercom at home for communication between rooms. Picture and sound goes in two directions between one camera and smartphone , tablet , Web browser or other panel .
The camera view can also be recorded on an ordinary PC .
Streaming media can also be played on media player with Web browser, smartphones , Pad , Windows software.
Inteligentny Dom – VideoLAN
Control of the camera motion can be realized in a very simple way, for example .
eHouse4cServer, eHouse.Pro server via Inteligentny Dom eHouse – HTML requests .
It may be added as standard eHouse events and enforced in any way, for example : control of the pad , smartphone or IR remote control .
HTML Sample commands for cameras , associated with infrared events processed by eHouse4cServer:

/system/usr/bin/CVLC “” // CAMERA Playback on PC by using VideoLAN
killproc vlc // kill camera play
aurl // CAMERA UP