smart home graphical control and visualization from web browser

Graphical and Text Control of eHouse system with a web browser and an FTP client, Remote checking the system logs by FTP

eHouse Smart Home
allows control from a web browser and an FTP . There are several independent methods to control the , based on different technologies . This allows you to control with any browser , working on any hardware platform and operating system . In case of problems with the control of a single method , suitable alternatives are . You can control both graphical and text from a Web browser . The included software allows you to automatically generate eHouse web pages to control the text ( HTML Forms ) .

Control graphical views are created from the same image as views for
graphical visualization and control of smart home visualization of building automation software for Windows Mobile , Windows XP , Vista , Windows 7 .
They are exported from CorelDraw , after the formation of images in all graphic formats supported by the system eHouse .

There are 3 methods of controlling the graphic :

  • Image with maps HTML ,
  • Scalable Vector Graphics SVG for XML ,
  • Scalable Vector Graphics SVG + JavaScript compression ,

Control via the web browser is done in 2 ways: by FTP or eMail .

Additionally, the system eHouse supports synchronization log on the web server / FTP , if it is not possible to connect from outside the system (firewall blocking from ISP or security considerations ) . Similarly, the software receives system events and commands to control the system eHouse from an FTP server , that can be sent directly by copying files directly to the event queue FTP .

 Smart home eHouse . Control via the web browser ( SVG )  Smart home eHouse . Control via the web browser (XML - SVG )  Intelligent home control eHouse Web browser ( HTML Maps )  Smart home eHouse . Controlling text through a web browser ( HTML form )  Smart home ehouse check the status of the system and logs of the FTP