eHouse Smart Home Visualization 2012

Graphical visualization of smart home eHouse Creating a Custom software for PADs

This manual describes how to generate your own software for graphical visualization and control system intelligent home eHouse .

Smart House eHouse has its own system for graphical visualization and control individually created based on active objects drawn on the form “canvas”. Touching an object triggers a specific event associated with each object or opening a dialog box to choose the event in the absence of events . This system is scalable allowing for any zooming in and out without losing image quality and text which greatly increases its versatility in relation to different types of control panels and screen sizes :

  • GSM mobile phones
  • smartphones
  • PADs
  • PC
  • Touch wall panels
  • PDA

Description is a development of the document: eHouse intelligent home visualization taking into account the programming and create their own overlays on the system or creating software to control the entire layout and its integration with building automation eHouse .

Export the configuration to create views for visualization solutions in the older file is created “layers-gen.txt”
for macro creating layers of images for CorelDraw.
In each line of the file is created layer name compliant naming of software for visualization eHouse.
for example :
Cabinet – Lighting Central Small (0)
Cabinet – Lighting Central Small (1)
Cabinet – Central Lighting (0)
Cabinet – Central Lighting (1)

where Cabinet – is the name of RM in the room
“Lighting Central Small” , “Lighting Central” outputs are the names of the RM
” (0) ” , ” (1) ” are the output states to assign them to specific graphical objects for graphical visualization and control

To enhance the functionality and degree of integration with third-party applications, we provide another method to export and import data and create your own graphics software.

Export data from eHouse application is created with the configuration files for the Panel by launching mobile applications “ehouse.exe /mobile /notoggle /long”
parameter ” /notoggle ” means no replacement event for the output drivers to toggle (change state)
parameter ” /long ” no parameter removes some long events ( obsolete ) for compatibility with previous versions of eHouse

Export data to a file is created “layer_gen_2012.txt” and has changed the format allowing you to easily create your own software and manipulate text files according to their own algorithms
Each line of the file contains the following parameters :
Device name or description of the object visualization
The name of the event or other description of the object displayed on the visualization – (These are combined to create a layer in CorelDraw)
Direct Event Code – to complete the application Visualization
$tab$ – it is a tab character in the text

Example: ( version of events starting on replacing change state) Cabinet $ $ Table Lighting Central Small < -(0) $tab$ 37030101020000000000
Gabinet $tab$ Oświetlenie Centralne Małe<-(1) $tab$ 37030101020000000000
Gabinet $tab$ Oświetlenie Centralne Małe<-(toggle) $tab$ 37030101020000000000
Gabinet $tab$ Oświetlenie Centralne<-(0) $tab$ 37030102020000000000
Gabinet $tab$ Oświetlenie Centralne<-(1) $tab$ 37030102020000000000
Gabinet $tab$ Oświetlenie Centralne<-(toggle) $tab$ 37030102020000000000
This allows much easier, intuitive filtering, modify the list (removing or adding lines) to suit your needs and the significant reduction of generated layers for CorelDrv . What could be particularly useful for companies involved in the creation of visualization for intelligent building system eHouse .

exports created from the application eHouse.exe after treatment with or without , are imported in eHouse macros from CorelDraw .
In the case of name changes, well , first use the “remove Layer” allowing you to automatically delete all empty layers.
Import the new settings is done by pressing “Create New Document” . It differs from the previous method of adding a text box, Event code to execute when you press the object in the software visualization.
This field is not visible on objects visualization.

Create visualization for intelligent home control ehouse is identical to that discussed in the previous version including exports data visualization software. In addition, a new file with the extension “.vis ” control panels for the new. The format will be discussed soon .