eHouse.PRO smart home, intelligent building

Smart House eHouse.PRO – for centralized switchboards

eHouse.PRO Smart House centralized version – for large central switchboard.
It is a professional and secure building automation system through:

  • installation in mini switchboards or large central switchboard
  • separation of low voltage (5V/12V) parts of the system from the high voltage (230V – mains) through a DIN relay modules for protection against punctures , electrical shock and damage the electronics
  • no “distributed” electronics in the walls, cans which greatly complicates the service, maintenance and increases the risk of punctures and damage to the electronics (even by getting insects , rodents to cans )
  • full configuration of a software from the Web
  • integrates drivers eHouse1 , Ethernet eHouse , eHouse4CAN
  • the easiest installation and maintenance of
  • relay modules DIN performing a complete connection of low voltage relays (inductors) and short common rail
  • relays with stands/sockets for DIN rail enable rapid and secure exchange during operation
  • the use of IDC sockets and flat strips of various sizes to speed up installation, dismount, service and avoid mistakes
  • the use of expansion modules inputs (for connecting alarm sensors ) with telephone connectors RJ – 12
  • service and replacement driver in less than 1 minute
  • the possibility of limitations Software integration with external systems such as the Web , TCP

eHouse.PRO is a professional system consisting of:

  • Microcomputer 32-bit Linux ARM – 11
    • 512MB RAM
    • CPU 700MHz
    • 2 USB ports for connecting external devices such as GSM / SMS
    • HDMI
    • Ethernet 10 / 100 MHz
    • SD card with Linux , eHouse4cServer/eHouse.PRO software , Web server
  • Communication module RS-485 for integration with smart home ” eHouse One ” (*)
  • Communication Module CAN ( Controller Area Network) for integration with ” eHouse CAN ” (*)
  • 128 intelligent Inputs Module ( on / off) (up to 2 units – max 256 inputs) with the functions of the alarm and the alarm outputs with relays
    • Horn
    • Warning
    • Early Warning
    • Silent – quiet alarm
    • monitoring – inclusion in radio monitoring
  • 128 outputs smart module (on / off) (up to 2 pieces – max 256 outputs) freely programmable
  • Full support and integration with software eHouse4cServer/eHouse.PRO

(*) – only one of the RS – 485 or CAN can be operated with eHouse.PRO ( interchangeably ) . Alternatively, you can connect eHouse 1 via the USB/RS-232 and RS232/485 dongle, where there is a need to integrate both of these versions of eHouse.

eHouse.Pro Smart home system, Regarding digital inputs and outputs fully replace CommManager with bigger amounts of inputs and outputs .