eHouse Ethernet Smart Home Demo – Salon

eHouse Ethernet Smart Home demo project – EthernetRoomManager control rooms – Living Room, Salon

eHouse4Ethernet Smart Home control rooms by EthernetRoomManager. Project Demo eHouse building electronic version of Ethernet (LAN) – Salon .

General description of eHouse4Ethernet demo project smart home Demo The living room is the main, demonstration room in the house and requires a specific approach in designing, finishing, and building automation.

It is generally:

  • the largest room
  • with most equipment
  • plenty of multipurpose equipment Audio-video , HiFi , TV , Sat
  • fireplace
  • multi-segment and hybrid heating
  • mechanical ventilation
  • decorative elements
  • plenty of lighting scenes and programs

Ideal for this purpose is EthernetRoomManager integrating all devices, heating, lighting, hi-fi equipment and enables synergy of all elements.
EthernetRoomManager Smart Home – used for comprehensive management and control of equipment in any type of premises. Drivers include the entire “logic” for rooms so you do not need to connect external devices with built-in logic, by which the entire system is many times cheaper , more functional.

A very large number of hardware resources enables the design of any control room:

  • 24 – 32 programmable outputs on / off
  • 12 programmable inputs on / off
  • 8 programmable measuring inputs
  • IR transmitter for remote control of external equipment HiFi , Audio – video
  • IR receiver for remote control of the entire system
  • 3 dimmers PWM / DC dimmable LED lighting and LED RGB

The basic EthernetRoomManager functionality

  • Advanced built-in scheduler / calendar 128 items
  • 12 regulatory programs ( eg . heating , lighting – with low & high threshold with events related to them)
  • 24 programs for outputs ( with the possible inclusion , disable or circumvent any output on/off )
  • opportunity to learn 250 IR control codes the hardware hifi
  • the ability to control directly from a Web browser, smartphones, tablet, PC
  • the ability to create dedicated software algorithms on a PC or Linux computer discs, such as Raspberry Pi

The demonstration project for Salon contains following outputs

  • Central Lighting 1
  • Central Lighting 2
  • Side Lighting 1
  • Side Lighting 2
  • Table Lighting
  • couch Lighting
  • TV Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting Red
  • Decorative Lighting Green
  • Decorative Lighting Blue
  • Heaters
  • Underfloor Heating 1 segment
  • Underfloor Heating 2 segment
  • fan Fireplace
  • socket 1
  • socket 2
  • socket 3
  • socket 4
  • socket 5
  • socket 6
  • socket 7
  • socket 8
  • Night light
  • Discreet lighting

The controller is mounted in a mini switchboard with relays where the coils are connected to low voltage outputs of ERM. Actuators, appliances are switched by the relay contacts.

Designed 11 segments of independent lighting which allows you to create sophisticated scenes with the help of programs or incorporated individually.

Night light turns on automatically depending on the program of work and the level of light outside. Also includes colorful decorative lighting LED RGB sites ornaments in the living room .

In addition, two sections of floor heating and radiators control. Automation also provides automatic control of fireplace fan taking excess heat to other rooms. All heating methods work together in synergy.

The rest of the available outputs are distributed to controlled outlets at various points in the living room so , that could be used in the future for individual needs, or connect any 230V device .

For measurements used 7 measurement inputs :

  • Temperature 1 – room temperature
  • Temperature north – outdoor temperature for information
  • Temperature Fireplace – temperature above the fireplace for the fan (distribution of hot air)
  • Temperature Floor 1 – temperature measurement floor ( sunk sensor – 1 section)
  • Temperature Floor 2 – temperature measurement floor ( sunk sensor – 2 section)
  • Temperature 2 – room temperature second point
  • Level Lighting – outdoor lighting ( for automatic inclusion of night lighting throughout the house )

With 12 digital inputs used and connected to switches 4

  • Lighting Max level
  • Lighting Small level
  • Discreet lighting
  • Lights Off

All for switching scenes.
The rest of the functions will be managed from the control panel.