eHouse LAN smart home demo – Bathrooms

Intelligent Building eHouse Ethernet – demo project. Bathrooms

eHouse4Ethernet Smart Home control rooms by EthernetRoomManager. eHouse Ethernet (LAN) electronic building demo project Bathroom Ground Floor and attic .

General description of the demo project smart home eHouse4Ethernet Demo .
Bathrooms beyond the standard functions now have a number of features like built modern infrared cabins, sauna, bath rooms and requires a specific approach in designing, finishing, home automation. In combination with the standard multi-point automatic lighting and heating is necessary to maintain safety (flooding), humidity measurement, mechanical ventilation, drainage facilities and removes odors.

Generally require :

  • multi segment and hybrid heating
  • mechanical ventilation
  • decorative elements
  • plenty of scenes
  • Control sauna ( tiled )
  • control infrared cabins

Ideal for this purpose is EthernetRoomManager integrating all devices , heating , lighting and enables synergy of all elements.
Ethernet RoomManager Smart Home eHouse4Ethernet used for comprehensive management and control of equipment in any type of premises.
Controllers include the entire “logic” for rooms so you do not need to connect external devices with built-in logic, by which the entire system is many times cheaper, more functional.

A very large number of hardware resources enables the realization of any project control for Bathrooms.
In this project, a bathroom on the ground floor is different in comparison with a bathroom in the attic only
– sauna and bath (ground floor )
– walk-in shower and infrared (upstairs)

The demonstration project for the bathroom , the following output

  • Central Lighting
  • Side Lighting
  • Mirror Lighting
  • Toddlers Lighting
  • Side 2 Lighting
  • Night light
  • Socket Hair Towel
  • Charging socket
  • socket 1
  • socket 2
  • heating – Heaters
  • heating – floor
  • heating – Toilet seat board
  • Decorative Lighting Red
  • Decorative Lighting Green
  • Decorative Lighting Blue
  • fan
  • Sauna Lighting / Lighting Cabin (* )
  • Oven Sauna A / Cabin A (*)
  • Oven Sauna B / Cabin B (*)
  • Oven Sauna C / Cabin C (*)
  • Output 22
  • Output 23
  • Output 24

(*) – marked differences for the bathroom in the attic

The controller is mounted in a mini switchboard with relays where the coils are connected to low voltage outputs in an adjacent dry room ( laundry, utility room, etc. ).
Actuators, appliances are switched by the relay contacts.

Designed 10 segments of independent lighting, which allows you to create sophisticated scenes with the programs or incorporated individually.

Night light turns on automatically depending on the program of work and the level of light outside . Also includes colorful decorative lighting LED RGB ornaments sites and glazed elements .

In addition, a section of floor heating and radiators are supported. Automation also provides automatic control of fan. All heating methods work together .

The rest of the available outputs controlled distributed to outlets at different points in bathrooms so , that could be used in the future for their citizens’ needs , or connect any device .

For measurements used 7 measurement inputs :

  • Towel drying temperature – for automatic control
  • The floor temperature – for independent control of underfloor heating (sensor embedded under the floors )
  • External Temperature – for information on the needs of the whole system eHouse
  • Temperature Saunas Down / Bottom Temperature Module (*)
  • Humidity level – to automatically turn the fan drying room
  • air temperature – for heating by radiators
  • level Lighting – to adjust the light or turn night lighting

With 12 digital inputs used and connected to switches 5

  • Lights On
  • Sauna On / Roll- On (*)
  • Fan On
  • Lights off
  • Sauna Off / Roll Off (*)

All for switching scenes (outputs programs).

Heating and adjustment is performed automatically by measurement inputs according to threshold levels in ADC Programs.

Programs for:

  • sauna heating off
  • reduce heating on day and night when no one is at home
  • lights off

are implemented automatically with the calendar/scheduler which protects against leaving turned on sauna or cabin .

The rest of the functions will be managed manually with control panels ( smartphones , Pad , PC, WWW ) .

Controllers connected to the system as described leads
Additionally to bathrooms automation by EthernetRoomManager there are the security functions performed by CommManager ( with a direct connection into the security system of detectors flooding , windows servos, blinds, rollers) .

Programmable outputs which left are connected to 230V outlets, which can be used as “plan B” for future use.