Infrared Remote Control of eHouse controllers and external devices

eHouse Home Automation – Infrared Control support via eHouse4cServer/eHouse.PRO

eHouse Smart Home controllers ( RoomManager & EthernetRoomManager) can be remotely controlled via infrared.
Additionally eHouse controllers send information about the activity of the IR SONY SIRC standard codes that are sent to eHouse4cServer:
via RS485 for eHouse1 or as UDP broadcast from EthernetRoomManager.
For eHouse 1 controllers it can be linked to any eHouse system event with individual IR codes for each room (room manager) and remotely manage any subsystem and indirect control of eHouse4cServer supports RS-485.
In the case of Ethernet controllers, number of eHouse4cServer software can be potentially unlimited – receiving infrared signals as UDP broadcasts.
In particular you can control local or remote hardware, microprocessor, microcomputer, media center, media player, media room, IP cameras and any electronic systems.
Each infrared remote control code, for each RM, ERM can be linked to the individual event to support the intelligent home eHouse – both internal and external events (eHouse).
Infrared data are stored in the directory “/usr/local/ehouse/IR/%DEVADDRESS%”
Received codes are stored in “capture” subdirectory. Individual software can process it and complete certain tasks. The application should process infrared code and delete flag file for the code.
In addition, to the “events”, there are also infrared code files associated with any of the events supported by eHouse4cServer locally or transmitted to other devices such as eHouse controllers.
The file in each line contains one system event:
event code parameters of the event
event code for example :
url – opening a web page / HTML request
eHouse – launch “DirectEvent” event for eHouse controllers.
IR configuration is enabled in the configuration file lines “perform infrared signals” and “perform infrared signals assigned events”