eHouse.Pro intelligent home drives, gateways, gates, servo, cut-off control configuration

Intelligent Building system – eHouse.PRO – drives , blinds , actuators , solenoid configuration

Smart Home intelligent Building configuration blinds , awnings , drives , actuators , solenoid

Digital Outputs available on the I/O extension module of eHouse.Pro server are fully supported by software of eHouse.PRO server (for Linux) which have a very big functionality. Complete configuration is independent for each digital outputs and each outputs programs.

The configuration is independent for each digital output ( on / off ) , Output drives ( pairs of outputs ) , etc. .
Two outputs are used to control dual line control units (close , open , stop) .
Single outputs are discussed in the article: “intelligent building eHouse.PRO outputs configuration”. Screenshot Configure the digital outputs in dual mode is shown below : Smart House eHouse.PRO drives Configuration of outputs in dual output mode is created individually for each program and each pair of drives 2 consecutive outputs ( 1 & 2 , 3 & 4 , 5 & 6 , etc . – in accordance with the configuration of the first odd-numbered , EVEN as the second ) .
It should take into account the use of single-mode input and output block, algorithms to control individual outputs are not carried out which could cause damage to the drives, solenoids, blinds, servos.
With the ability to work together to enter single and double mode in eHouse.PRO there is no need for an independent controller with single outputs and a separate controller drives.

  • Disable – blocking dual mode outputs (pairs)
  • admin – administrative options to change the advanced configuration (necessary at start of the event)
  • Somfy – Somfy mode to control the drives compatible with Somfy (control by pulses)
  • State – Condition
    (N/A – no change ,
    Close { output 1} ,
    Open { output 2 } ,
    Stop ( both outputs for Somfy , none for the other modes)
  • repeats – number of repetitions of cycles ( 0 – no )
  • Time On – Duty cycle outputs (actuator – a maximum of about 18h)
  • Time Off – Time off outputs (actuator – a maximum of about 18h)
  • Disable Time – time block outputs a change in direction up to about 4min

The configuration can be performed : v.x.s.z/
where “v.x.s.z” is the IP address or host name of eHouse.PRO server.

Default parameters for all double outputs can be initialized by select the program number “0” and set the required parameters for each output pairs.
Then press the button “Update” .
This allows the definition of a new program drives with a default presets which will be loaded at the beginning, in order to minimize the configuration time.

There is also a link on the form to copy and run events for single drives.
Changing the configuration settings requires setting Admin flag. Simple events do not require admin flag and it is not taken into account.

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