Rollers, Gates, Gatways, Shade Awning Design Example

Design of automatic control of roller shutters, awnings , Gates, Gateways in eHouse system

building management
The use of blinds, gates in residential increases safety of house taking the time to intruders in case of burglary.
In addition it allows to reduce heating expenses, reducing heat loss in winter and at night. The use of shading awnings prohibit heating your home during sunny days in summer time, which entails a reduction of expenditure on home cooling.
In the case of extreme temperatures blinds can be useful to keep the room temperature, covering windows, which have the worst thermal coefficients of isolation in the building.

On the other hand the use of blinds has its drawbacks :

  • blinds closed during the day operate to the detriment of flowers vegetation at home, So it is necessary to open the blinds or plant headlights
  • blinds closed during the day inform intruders that no one is at home
  • lack of daylight causes, that prevails in public “cellar atmosphere” and the house requires additional heating during transitional periods (spring , autumn) , because , in the absence or open shutters , the sun’s rays wont warm the building
  • costs of mechanical shutters drives are significant for the whole building could reach more than several thousand euro

To take advantage of blinds , awnings and avoid their disadvantages is required
home Automation ensuring their proper and logical control taking into account:

  • weather conditions
  • time of day
  • time of year
  • temperature in different geographical directions caused by exposure to sunlight or cooling in winter
  • Automatically close the awning when not in use to avoid damage in the event of excessive wind, storm or rain

ExternalManager ( smart home blind control , gates )
Is a dedicated controller allows you to control shutters , awnings , gates , doors for the whole house (max 14 independent systems blinds ) . If more than one drive is required CommManager ( Control Gates , Blinds + Alarm ) .

ExternalManager as part of a eHouse 1 smart home , beyond the standard control functions of blinds, awnings, gates allows for automatic control depending on the level of analogue sensors (analogous to RoomManager ) . The thresholds of each sensor can be linked to any system events ExternalManager, eg . closing blinds at too high a heating room of the page .

ExternalManager can be controlled locally via miniature RF remote control with rolling code. Remotes have 6 combinations of buttons individually configurable for each combination and each button.

Alternatively, instead of ExternalManager you can use CommManager , which has much more functionality and greater number of inputs , measuring inputs , outputs roller blinds and additionally has a built-in GSM / SMS and ethernet .

Project control blinds , awnings , gates for the final architectural design D21 ( Murator ) .

Assumptions of the project:

  • Blinds on all windows operated independently controlled from the system eHouse
  • Control garage door
  • Control gate
  • electro-lock of gates
  • blocking external sockets
  • control of the southern window awnings and terraces
  • Automatic awnings shading of the three geographical directions ( independently ) under the influence of too high temperatures ( in the sun ) and closing after its reduction
  • Automatic closing the blinds at night and open during the day
  • Automatic closing all the blinds at too high frost
  • Automatic closing all the blinds at too high heat
  • Switches control the most important functions : open/close the garage door , opening wicket , opening/closing awnings , disable/enable the external power sockets

 project control blinds , awnings , gates , gate system using ExternalManager eHouse ' ' a or CommManager

Marking the sketch design

  • RW – blind east
  • RP – noon blind
  • RZ – blind west
  • MW – Ground floor terrace awning east
  • MP – Noon awning floor
  • MZ – Awning west terrace attic
  • BG – gate Garage
  • BW – gateway
  • F – wicket
  • S – siren
  • OW – Illuminated entry
  • O – Lighting plot
  • OT – Lighting terrace ( with RoomManager Salon )
  • OG – Lighting grill
  • N – irrigation solenoid

ExternalManager and CommManager support Somfy roller, gateway , awnings system (with built-in controls and safeguards to protect servos with Animeo drives) . Each drive: roller , awnings , the gate is controlled by 2 lines. Activity shutters depends on the signals on both lines . Shorting one line with a common cable ( min 1 sec ) closes the blinds , awnings , gateway . Short circuit 2 lines with common cable ( min 1 sec ) opens the blinds , awnings , gateway. Shorting both lines into the joint of the drive stops at the current position .

Allocation output pairs ExternalManager or CommManager.

  • Blind east terrace floor
  • Blind east dining room floor
  • Noon blind kitchen floor
  • Blind bathroom floor
  • Blind study west
  • A blind attic room B east
  • blind attic room C West
  • blind attic room D noon
  • bathroom blind west
  • garage door
  • The entrance gate
  • Marquis east terrace
  • Marquis terrace west
  • kitchen awning noon

Single Outputs of ExternalManager

  • Unlocking solenoid wickets
  • Unlocking power outlets outside terrace floor east
  • Unlocking power outlets outside terrace loft west
  • Connect the siren ( for InputExtender )
  • Connecting warning lamp ( for InputExtender )

Digital Inputs of ExternalManager

  • Awnings east terrace open
  • Awnings east terrace close
  • Turn on the external socket
  • Turn on the external socket
  • Closing Rollers Ground Floor , gates
  • Closing All blinds , gates
  • Opening All blinds
  • wicket open
  • The gate open
  • The gate close
  • Attic terrace awnings west close
  • Awnings west terrace loft open

Measuring inputs of ExternalManager :

  • The level of illumination North ( The program automatically closing all the shutters for the night )
  • Outside temperature noon ( noon awnings opening program at too high temperature { eg. 25st } )
  • Outside temperature midnight (Program closing all the shutters at too low a temperature { eg . – 10st } )
  • Outside temperature east ( The opening awning floor terrace east at high temperatures { eg 25st } )
  • Outside temperature West ( The opening awning terrace loft west at high temperatures { eg . 25st } )
  • Outside temperature South 2 (Program closing all blinds south at too high temperature { eg . 35st } )
  • Outside temperature east 2 (Program closing all the eastern blinds at too high temperature { eg . 35st } )
  • Outside temperature west 2 (Program closing all Western blinds at too high temperature { eg . 35st } )

For more information : Smart Home eHouse . Home Manufacturer Building Automation