eHouse Smart Home Web Browser visualization and control

eHouse Smart House – Graphic visualization and control from Web browsers + JavaScript

eHouse Smart Home – Controlling graphical control and visualization of intelligent home system with web browsers on smartphones , computers , PADs and other computer equipment .

eHouse smart home controllers support from web browsers has a number of advantages over other methods:

  • does not require dedicated hardware and can be achieved with e.g. smartphones , PC , PADs , mobile phones , TVSet , etc..
  • does not impose the choice of operating system and can run on virtually any platform : Windows , Android , Linux , OSx etc. .
  • It does not require additional installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • allows remote and local control of smart home system and all its components ( textually and graphically )
  • allows online visualization of intelligent home system – remotely and locally
  • allows for individual development by the developers, enthusiasts due to the open source JavaScript, html, XML, SVG
  • allows individual template design with modifying CSS style sheet

Graphic Controls , text from a Web browser is discussed further Intelligent Home Control Website . It concerned offline remote graphical and text control mostly by email, ftp.

Currently, We will discuss online graphical visualization and control, so we can check intelligent home system status at any time and run the system events in real time.
To limit data transfers via LAN and Internet, and move as much of data processing, visualization algorithms, to web browser side (pc computers , smartphones , PADs – Clients system) , need to use scripts running (interpreted) on the client side.
With the multiplication of control panels, algorithms on server is relevant do not load excessively web and eHouse application server, which supports the system and requests to update the real-time status, especially over low bandwidth Internet. It is not as scalable as generating pure HTML server-side script without processing on the client side, but each solution has its advantages and disadvantages.
Number of Web Browsers on any operating system and hardware platforms allows the selection of such which supports all the features required by us.

For example, online visualization and graphical control was presented at:
Smart House eHouse – graphical visualization and control via WWW – with random data status.
Smart House eHouse – Visualization and control graphical WWW – with random data status and compression about 2:1 with JavaScript.
 Smart House , Building Automation eHouse - graphical Visualization and control Web browser Statuses are decoded by JavaScript after receiving a binary status as text, received from the eHouse and Web Server.
Data is loaded into the status tables of each controller for further processing and visualization.

Visualization is created in SVG format – (scalable vector graphics), which is supported by most browsers available on virtually any computer hardware.
It also allows lossless scaling through drawing of basic geometric figures, which are described in text and interpreted directly by the web browser.

Current tests have shown the proper functioning of Visualization and graphical control on standard web browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 10 . (only file.XML – IE does not recognize the extension .SVG is required adaptation of scripts scratching objects) / Windows 7/64B
  • Firefox 21. ( .xml and .svg ) / Windows 7 / 64b
  • Chrome 27 . x ( .xml and .svg ) / Windows 7 / 64b
  • Safari 5 . 1 . 7 ( .xml and .svg ) / Windows 7 / 64b
  • Opera 12 . 15 ( . xml and . svg ) / Windows 7 / 64b
  • The built-in browser of Android 4.11++: Smartphones, Smart TV and PADs

Complete working demo of eHouse1 system (1xHM, 1xEM, 2xRM) under Raspberry PI supervision with online individual graphical visualization and control of eHouse system is located at:

Web browser SVG visualization with java script compression and control Level 1
Web browser SVG visualization with java script compression and control Level 2

Web browser SVG visualization and control Level 1
Web browser SVG visualization and control Level 1
Web browser Pure text automatic HTML visualization and control