eHouse Voice Control & speach recognition in Java

Synthesis and Voice Recognition in Java – eHouse Smart Home System

Smart Home eHouse can be controlled by voice using the appropriate libraries for Java, and they should be provided manually, because they are not available in the standard version of the JDK.

Both synthesis and speech recognition may be completed after supply the Java Speech API ( JSAPI ), that provides the appropriate libraries eg.:

  • javax.speech.synthesis
  • javax.speech.recognition

Synthesis and speech recognition for Java is developed in several open – source projects.
These projects are:

  • FreeTTS
  • Sphinx – 4

After you download the JSAPI eg. from perform the following steps:

  • Extract the contents pinched and go to the directory “lib\freetts\”
  • Run the file JSAPI.exe, click ” Yes ” , to unpack the JSAPI.jar
  • set catalog where the JRE is installed, eg . “C:\Java\\jre\lib\ext\”
  • copy all files with the extension “.jar” to this directory
  • Copy the file of the “\freetts” to the “\jre\lib\eg\” , “C:\Java\\jre\lib\”
  • restart Netbeans and and we can use the library javax.speech

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