eHouse Smart Home Java software

eHouse intelligent home Software for Java

Smart Home eHouse – The software is software eHouse4Java open source the GNU only for users of the system eHouse , enabling :

  • text control
  • graphical control
  • graphical visualization of eHouse system status
  • graphical visualization of the state of the system ( automatic for each room )
  • communication with eHouse controllers
  • Reception and synchronization status of all eHouse Controllers over TCP/IP (LAN , WAN , Intranet, Internet)
  • Reception and synchronization status of all eHouse Controllers over UDP (LAN , Intranet )
  • The collection status of all the drivers for further processing, eg. for the purposes of:
  • * visualization
  • * creation Logs
  • * Create your own, customized control algorithms
  • * Create communication servers and gateways for any external systems
  • * Integration with other hardware and software and third-party devices
  • * Sending events to eHouse Controllers over TCP/IP
  • * voice control

Java application can be run on any Software/Hardware Platform with Java virtual machine. It can work the same way on different operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • etc..

It also provides the ability to easily adapt to mobile devices with systems based on the use of Java:

  • Android
  • Java MIDP ( Mobile )
  • Windows Mobile , Windows Phone ( convertion to C# ) which is very similar to Java

It is therefore possible control and software development – control system smart home eHouse on any available hardware platform :

  • PCs
  • Microcomputers , computer Boards , wall panels based on a simplified PCs
  • PADs
  • PDAs
  • Graphic panels
  • Smartphones
  • TouchPhones
  • Other miniature hardware implemented with Java support

Another very important factor is the free nature of Java including programming tools, with comparable functionality to very expensive development tools and compilers such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Embarcadero.
This allows you to create own professional applications without having to invest in expensive software for single Operating System or platform.
It also allows creation of dedicated software differs in details for different versions of hardware, operating systems, etc. .

Currently, we provide a free software package and source code for creating core of own control application for eHouse intelligent building system.
It supports all available versions of the system:

  • eHouse 1 (RS-485) under the supervision of a PC
  • eHouse 1 under CommManager supervision
  • Ethernet eHouse ( eHouse4Ethernet )

For this purpose we use a free development environment NetBeans.

EHouse4Java software is an add-on software eHouse for PC and uses directly the configuration files in the directory of eHouse system .

  • The initial configuration is created by the way the system configuration eHouse application “ConfigAux.exe”
  • Then it is necessary to export the settings for panels from the system running the eHouse1 application “eHouse.exe /mobile”
  • Setting up configuration of eHouse4Ethernet controllers for control panels, is generated from the “CommManagerCfg.exe ” application for each Ethernet controller. It is necessary for this purpose press “Create Mobile File” or relevant in a given language application service
  • in the directory from which you run eHouse4Java application you should place a text file “path.cfg” , in which one line is the path to the eHouse system directory smart home eg . “c:\e-house\” ( without the quotation marks , and other characters
  • you must copy the NetBeans project eHouse4Java to disk and open it in the application project
  • Start it by pressing the function key ” F6 ”
  • outside NetBeans runs it follows from the command line ” ehouse4java.jar ” if the path of the installed Java is added to the operating system, global variables

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