eHouse Smart Home – UDP Broadcast Status

Communication between eHouse software package intelligent building and the panels – UDP broadcast

Smart Home ,
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eHouse – more ways to distribute status of drivers for control panels .

Another way to inform the control panels on the status of the application of microprocessor controllers eHouse.exe, eHouse Ethernet Controllers, eHouse.PRO is UDP broadcast sending status to multiple devices on an Ethernet network (LAN).
The application of each panel does not check periodically the status of files on your server PC eHouse system but listens to messages addressed to all devices at once from the software eHouse,etc..
This is particularly valuable method for the visualization of information panels and display the status of drivers, outputs and measurements in situations where :

  • want to install a large number of panels, PADs , that caused by high load on the server system Home Automation , Building Automation eHouse , and LAN
  • install panels running on other operating systems than Windows XP , Vista , Windows 7 and 8 , where there is no support for Microsoft
  • The control panels working on applications written in programming languages , where it is easier to program the broadcast reception UDP over Ethernet
  • We want to send the same message to all devices at once without overloading the link repeatedly duplicating the same information or the sending server data
  • The server does not need to maintain multiple connections at the same time ( one for each client ) , and charged the client application is its combination
  • The server does not depend on error- established connection , link , a customer simply sends the information to the LAN and no interest if someone is on the line or not , or how many customers

eHouse.EXE Software home Automation , Building Automation may broadcast information in two ways:

  • text : information is sent as a text file as a file status for panels and windows eHouseLogAnalizer created directory ‘logs/status/’ with extension “.status”
  • binary : the same as the format of the status of the microprocessor controllers application eHouse . exe

The first method used in the library eHouseLogAnalizer , which can communicate with both the system eHouse Windows file system , and receive broadcast text in the same format.

The second method can be used in other types of panels (Android , Java , Windows Mobile) and contains all the drivers compressed frame with a length of several hundred bytes. However, it requires decoding on client side.

activation broadcast – UDP broadcast is made in a file broadcast_text.cfg for text broadcast , and broadcast_binary.cfg for the binary in the root directory of eHouse software .
It should be the first line change the 0 to 1 to enable the broadcast .

File example :
1 // activation broadcast // network address for broadcast depends also on the subnet mask on your PC
6788 // port broadcast
0 // localport – not change
1 // level of reporting – not change
1 // not change

After changes to the file, restart the software ehouse.exe