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Smart Home , intelligent Building eHouse – Ecological home design and building.

Houses and buildings as opposed to flats and apartments in the block has much larger (several hundred percent/per square meter) demand for heating energy to the heating in winter and cooling in summer.
This is due to the, it is a place , isolated from other buildings and more exposed to adverse weather phenomena such as winds, frosts , plentiful sunshine in summer , rain , etc..

Comparing flat in a block of the same area (on the middle floor) to a single-family home for the escape of energy:

  • On the home run atmospheric phenomena on each geographical side (North , south , east , west ) . In the apartment are generally many times external smaller surfaces, with one or two geographical directions
  • Through the roof in the house escapes irretrievably to 30%-40% of heat. In flats this phenomenon does not occur in practice , and heats the upstairs neighbor ( besides the apartment on the top floor )
  • The floor of the building has lot of loses of energy, due to thermal bridges from the foundation, basement , the walls . In flats this phenomenon practically non-existent ( outside the apartment on the ground floor )
  • Every investor wants his house had an interesting body and appearance. Architects vie in creating visually nice houses, but which are not economical for heating and use. This is due to with the same technology of building a house and imperfections performance of contractors, errors which cause further energy escape . At this point also lose up to lot of the heat energy .

Due to the more expensive prices of all energy sources and new EU directives and building standards , to let us afford to keep the house for a year or ten years, it is necessary to consider all aspects taking into account:

  • design house
  • heating system
  • ensure the implementation of the shell insulation of the house
  • warming
  • To keep house economical for many years of use, it is necessary to plan all aspects at every stage of construction. When planning any heating system should take into account what is the estimated time that a type will work economically:

    • costs boilers
    • heat pumps
    • solar collectors

    that may work for a few to several years .
    In the case of expensive equipment such as heat pumps , heating devices of this type certainly do not pay before they begin to deteriorate.

    Begin a new cycle of home design in relation to the low cost of energy consumption and maximize the use of free energy sources.

    To optimally schedule economical and integrated heating system must be taken into account:

    • size of the plot
    • landform
    • subway
    • neighborhood
    • shielding from winds
    • insolation
    • building technologies
    • available heating media – energy sources
    • reduce overhead and official

    When the area , in which we intend to build a house we do not have access to gas , or want to save money by using “green energy”, free, green or renewable investing in the future .

    The greatest room for maneuver give large plots , eg.

    • agricultural
    • particularly in the open air
    • exposed to strong winds chilling house
    • much sunny in summer

    In these cases, the energy loss is significant in relation to the dense, urban development (of the order of 100-200% ) And is worth to fight for with the help of green energy sources .

    Ecological sources of energy heating , especially in large quantities requires the use of automatic heating , to optimize the heating source and switch automatically .
    Lack of complete and dedicated automation of advanced heating system can cause that in spite of the profits of energy will become “slaves of the building and installation” or will she worked inefficiently, without the use of 100% energy gain , to the heating system earned himself .
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