eHouse Intelligent Building – Windows

Intelligent Building eHouse Programming for Windows – Introduction

intelligent Building eHouse a software package for control and management Automation House and Building .

Smart Home – Software eHouse is flexible enough , that enables you to implement your own algorithms from a PC , cooperating with the system eHouse ( server Windows XP , Vista or 7 {32 – 64 bits } ) .

The software is designed , that applications guarding each other , to ensure stable , correct and continuous operation .
In the case of a timeout (timeout ) , suspensions , errors in one application closes and another opens it again .

Currently, Windows is very stable and when properly configured , works be suspensions or resets months .

When configuring Windows , Consider the following factors:

  • We recommend Windows XP due to the smallest CPU operating system. It also allows a much easier procedure for backup – clean copy files. Other versions of Windows require special software to backup. Windows XP running on weaker PC can be paradoxically faster than Vista ( which I do not recommend ) working on a better computer . Next in order is Windows 7.
  • automatic update – best set to manual or only informed of updates and start it manually from time to time
  • anti-virus software – must be configured so as not to interfere with the operation of the system – start automatically at , in which there is virtually no movement ( middle of the night ) . Can be used to exclude files , who are not carriers of the virus (txt , mp3 , wav , avi , etc. ), which will significantly reduce the time your antivirus software . The software must run on low priority .
  • Do not clutter up your computer software , which we will not use . Almost every software stores its data in registers , which also apparently slows down Windows
  • Do not store large data and files on the desktop ” panel ” in the standard Windows folders for documents , profiles , images which significantly slows down the loading of the system and login to it
  • Regularly clean files not used , Windows Recycle Bin , Temp files

Control of the House of PC is practically the cheapest , especially if you intend to create your own software algorithms , increased eHouse functionality.

Because of the speed and ease of programming for Windows and the ability to use free software tools , create your own algorithms begin development of this system .

Individual software control algorithms of the house is a desktop so there is no point in writing software for mobile platforms like Android , ipad , Windows Mobile , etc. . Windows software creates a much faster and easier from mobile platforms . finding errors , debugging to achieve stability of the application is also easier . Stability and continuous operation is a prerequisite here , to individual control of the house made ​​sense and worked properly and continuously 24-hours a day, 365 days a year .

Please also note , that mobile devices during continuous operation of the processor consume a lot of electricity and, in principle , and so would have to be connected all the time to charge .

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