Raspberry Pi smart home, intelligent building – DIY

Smart Home Raspberry Pi

Smart Home | intelligent Building on Raspberry Pi self-assembly.
Raspberry Pi is currently the most popular stand-alone microcomputer board running under Linux .
It is ideal as a cheap and efficient system server eHouse RS-485, CAN, LAN, eHouse.PRO.
It has a number of interfaces I2C, SPI extending the functionality of the buffers Inputs/Outputs and other accessories forming a gateway to the world and eHouse system integration.
Server software and eHouse.PRO controller for Rasberry Pi enables the centralized and intelligent home integration with decentralized versions of eHouse.
The controller are available RS-485, CAN, Ethernet so you can manage all versions of eHouse.
 smart home eHouse . PRO SERVER
Smart Home Server
Locally connected input buffers and output buses are working on I2C and SPI interface and are fully programmed in the application eHouse.PRO.

Apart from the functions of inputs and outputs have a lot of logic functions , timers , alarm function , etc..

Professional smart module 128 inputs allow rapid installation/uninstallation:
 smart home input module
 smart home input module
Smart Home – intelligent Input
Besides the standard functions of the Inputs / Outputs modules with software eHouse.PRO have alarm functions and 5 lines of alarm (Alarm , Warning , monitoring , Early Warning , Silent ) with relays .
eHouse.PRO Software also implements SMS notification of alarms, and receive control commands by SMS, WWW and all eHouse versions .

Professional 128 outputs smart module with drivers for relays with connectors for instant installation / uninstallation :
Smart Home – intelligent Output
For one Raspberry PI with the driver eHouse.PRO allows you to connect two modules intelligent it give 2*128 inputs.

At the same time, you can connect one module of intelligent digital outputs to give 128 outputs. This number can be doubled, with modified Raspberry PI by buying in our store, along with the controller eHouse.PRO, complete accessories and software .
 smart home output module
 smart home output module
Output modules are fully low voltage max +12V relays are connected with IDC-50 flat strips up to 2-3m , enable rapid assembly and disassembly.
It is also the safest way to separate the electronics from high voltage 230V available at the terminals of the relay.
In the event of a relay modules insects , rodents , water : there is no risk of electric breakdown, fire, electric shock, damage to the entire electronics. In the case of integrated electronics with relays , in some systems, smart home , Such threats were very real and dangerous prejudice to the basic principles of safety for people and the home.

Relay modules have several additional features compared to conventional relays:

  • implement a set of low voltage connection to the coil of the relay and the IDC-50 interface to connect directly controllers and eHouse intelligent outputs modules in seconds
  • reduce the installation time switching a few/several hours depending on the quantity of relays
  • Optional rail shorting “COM” contacts (common) relay when using a single supply voltage for output devices limiting assembly time
  • ensure safety
  • against electric shock
  • raised to 230V voltage
  • no risk of fire due to damage or puncture
  • penetration of interference to electronic

 smart home relay module
 smart home relay module
Compared with some improvised and amateur smart home solutions “made on web” This is a professional solution , safe and long-lasting. There is no risk of burning home, electric shock due to savings on security, quality .

eHouse.PRO Server for Raspberry PI with the software and Input/Output modules , allows you to create a secure centralized smart home – bringing all the points of control Inputs/Outputs to a single switching.