eHouse.Pro intelligent building, smart home – intelligent outputs

eHouse.PRO Intelligent Building configuration of intelligent digital outputs

eHouse.PRO Smart Home – functionality and configuration of intelligent digital outputs.
Digital outputs, available on the I/O module are fully support by eHouse.PRO server application Software (for Linux) and have a very high functionality.
Complete configuration is independent for each digital outputs and outputs programs and is can be upgrade with software revision eHouse.PRO server application.
The configuration is independent for each digital output ( on / off ) , Output Drive ( pair ) , etc..

Digital outputs are drivers of surge protection relays for direct inclusion.
In addition, with software protection against too rapid change output status, eg . the too frequent run this same event. Running this same event for outputs or drives in too short a time (about 1 second ) will ignore the next event for the security of the system and protection devices connected to the outputs, eliminating the effect of “Christmas tree” , found in some automation systems.

It Protects from:

  • pressing multiple times buttons on panels , smartphones , tablets
  • network errors, retransmission of packets
  • children playing
  • software hardware malfunction, hangs
  • interference, sabotage, lighting

In addition, the functionality of these outputs can be expanded in an unlimited way of new algorithms and ideas, through the upgrade of the eHouse.PRO server software or write own dedicated software.

All outputs are treated individually and are equally privileged.

Any intelligent output has a number of advanced features:

  • Operation as single output (on/off)
  • Operation as Dual Output – control drives, solenoid, gates, servos, rollers, blinds, gateways, etc. (close , open , stop)
  • Blocking the action of Output {Disable} ( events change the state of a single output will be ignored)
  • Programmable switch-on time of execution : fixed or from 1s to around 18h with a resolution of 1s {Time ON}
  • Programmable switch-off time of execution : fixed or from 1s to around 18h with a resolution of 1s { Time OFF}
  • Programmed Number of Repeats {Repeat} 0 .. 255
  • Admin Mode {Admin} necessary to unlock Disable flag when sending events for a single output
  • Status Outputs {State}: On (On) / Off (Off) / (Toggle Switch) / Do not change the state (N/A)
  • Launching the event {Run} with selected parameters set as in the form
  • Copy the event {Copy} to the clipboard with the selected parameters set as in the form to create a system configuration or use outside

Disable of output flag { Disable } is dedicated to ignore single output events in case if they are used for rollers/drives mode.
It applies for example : if servo drives are connected to the outputs or and execution of events for single outputs of individual does not make sense or is even dangerous to the actuators. Such a dangerous event is the simultaneous inclusion servos in both directions (outputs) or sudden changes of direction drives (without built-in safeguards) , which can end the life of motors drive . When we intend to use the drives instead of a single output value for the output of a single flag set ” DISABLE ” .

Configure all outputs simultaneously when running with a choice of preferences for all outputs and is fully independent for each program and output .
Configuration of individual outputs is also set at run events for a given output .

Intelligent Functionality Out :
Programmable switch-on time of execution ( Timer ) allows you to automatically turn off the output after the programmed time in a very wide range of time .
For example :
Turn output in response to the PIR motion sensor or switch for momentary lighting time .

Programmable switch-off time means the opposite effects : the output turns off, it will be automatically on after the programmed period of time .

Programmable number of repetitions is important if we want to alter the output states of the programmed time cycles on and off.
For example :
We’re going to control the circulation pump water circulation. The pump will be switched on and off with preset times on and off.
We’re going to control the irrigation of the garden .
We intend to turn the fans on , pump , solenoid valves with pre-programmed waveforms .

Configuration of outputs as well as the entire eHouse.PRO system is accomplished through the web browser on a form which contains all the settings for the outputs, using the syntax appropriate address or stranded : v.x.s.z/ field “program” contains program number, for which we create a configuration .

A copy of the configuration screen : eHouse.PRO Smart House configuration of single outputs

Description of fields :
Time is saved in the format h:m:s ( hours:minutes:seconds)

Then, the table contains the configuration of all outputs with descriptions of the fields :
{ No. } – Number Outputs
{ Name } – Output name ( if it begins with “@” does not appear in the list of status )
{ Disable } – Lock output ( inbound referring to a single output )
{ Admin } – To disable flag “disable” outputs at start of individual events. When you run the entire program this flag does not matter.
{ State } – The output state ON (1) , OFF ( 0) , Toggle (change its state ) , N / A ( no change )
{ Time OFF} – Time off for outputs (0 infinite )
{ Time ON } – Time for staying On output (0 infinite )
{ Repeats } – Number of repeated sequences on ( Time ON) / off ( OFF Time )
{ Run } – Starting the event with the selected parameters
{ Copy } – Copy the code of events with selected parameters to the clipboard for use in creating advanced configuration

When the required output configuration for the program, press {Update}

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