eHouse Home Automation – Web browser visualization (HTML+JavaScript)

eHouse Smart Home Visualization system status and control via HTML and JavaScript

Smart Home eHouse also allows visualization from web browsers in HTML (strict) and remote control via JavaScript.
Simple automatic visualization for web browser base on HTML and JavaScript allows you to control the correct operation from any device :

  • PC
  • SmartTV
  • Satellite decoders
  • Pads
  • Smartphones
  • Normal GSM Phones
  • PDA
  • control panels

It can also work on any operating system with Web browser with JavaScript enabled.
For even more limited browsers (without Javascript) visualization still works because it generates eHouse4cServer status page in pure HTML.
Refreshing visualization is realized with the help of “meta tag” refresh in the HTML code so that the browser itself refreshes the image and update the data.
eHouse Intelligent building list of detected controllers.
eHouse Intelligent building visualization and control of the boiler room .
eHouse Intelligent building Rollers , gates , gateways controller .
eHouse Intelligent building visualization Level 1 for each RoomManager or EthernetRoomManager.
eHouse Intelligent building visualization Level 2 Commands can be sent also with ordinary HTML request
(typing the address in the browser , eg.: “%eHouse4cServerAddress%/eh.x?%EHOUSE_EVENT%”). JavaScript is used only to request that the results not display in a new window or overwrite main window.

Names for visualization are read directly from the eHouse configuration files. In cases we don’t need use input/output/program/​​sensor, add prefix ‘@’ which will cause it will not be displayed at all in any kinds of visualization.

Visualization is automatically generated taking into account the system configuration with the following exceptions:

  • You can edit an external file style_ehouse.css to modify the display style , global or individual devices , output , input , measuring inputs (added in header.txt )
  • You can edit an external file eHouseVisual.js Script modification Executive changing settings , global or individual devices , output , input , measuring inputs and use individual functions (added in header.txt )
  • You can edit an external file “/usr/local/%eHouse%/eH4c/header.txt” to modify the header
  • You can edit an external file “/usr/local/%eHouse%/eH4c/footer.txt” to modify footer

In case of larger changes in visualization, you can create it manually in HTML with regard to the script “eHouseVisual.js” to work on a graphical visualization .XML , .SVG
The script JavaScript must refresh the data and replace multiple values ​​and states of fields depending on the current system parameters.

Visualization requires a continuously running eHouse4cServer application, Apache web server with module installed .
The software can work even on a miniature computers (eg. Raspberry Pi) .
In the event that we intend to develop a system for complete home control , AV equipment via Ethernet , you can use a more powerful PC hardware i386 (32-bit ) , x64 (64-bit ) .