Intelligent Building

intelligent Building eHouse smart home

The term smart home , intelligent building means building automation systems which integrate different systems, subsystems in homes, buildings , offices, hotels, etc. eg . :

  • lighting
  • heating
  • electrical
  • electronic devices
  • audio – video , HiFi
  • boiler equipment
  • ventilation and recuperation
  • drives blinds , gates ,gateways, awnings , windows
  • boilers and equipment for green energy sources ( solar panels , wind turbines , The heat pump )
  • security system and alarm
  • intercom / video intercoms
  • blocking electrical outlets external and internal
  • restriction of access rights and functions
  • computer systems and microprocessors enable advanced control , visualizations and graphical control

They provide the measurement and adjustment of various physical values such as temperature, level of illumination, humidity.
They also provide home security alarm with features :

  • protection against burglary and theft of property
  • flooding the house
  • fire
  • leakage of gas installations
  • atmospheric phenomena

They are most often supported by additional hardware and software control and perform advanced algorithms and “goals” communication for different transmission media. Thanks to them, it is possible to connect to home automation system from:

  • the external control panels
  • PDA
  • PADs
  • Smartphones
  • Web Browsers
  • PC

Building Management, Smart House eHouse

Intelligent building eHouse has all of these features.

Additional advantages of eHouse building automation are:

  • driver system based on the premises that significantly reduces the cost of control
  • A very large number of intelligent digital inputs and outputs and measurement inputs
  • possibility of individual design, configuration
  • the possibility of self-installation
  • the possibility of decentralized electrical switch board installation in controlled rooms also significantly reduce cabling costs and labor
  • the ability to create their own software applications with templates for different hardware platforms, and the Open Source of eHouse system

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