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Smart Home, Home Automation – Open Source C, C++ for Linux

eHouse Smart Home – Linux Programming in C , C ++ .
In this article we will discuss system eHouse software for Linux platforms. The software is specifically written using the GNU compiler g++ , gcc on Linux Ubuntu 13.x.x++, Raspbian in the environment Netbeans 7.3++. It may , however, be compiled for other distribution , version , kernel ( kernel ) and equipment including miniature computer boards for example Raspberry Pi .

This article is an extension Smart House eHouse C programming in C , C ++ , Object C . There were discussed the structure of the status of eHouse controllers which can directly load data from UDP communication and RS-485 ( for eHouse One ) .

This software is open source server and application template for further development and personal use by the users of the system and currently includes:

  • Server Intelligent home eHouse1 ( RM , EM , HM ) – working on RS485 and connected directly to a PC via RS-232/RS-485 to the COM port or the USB/RS232 – Receiving status of RS-485
  • eHouse1 Intelligent building Server ( RM , HM , EM ) working under the supervision of CommManager and connected to the RS-485 – Receiving status in the UDP
  • Home Automation Server for Ethernet eHouse working directly on the LAN – Receiving status via UDP
  • Posting events to eHouse1 via RS – 485
  • Sending events between controllers eHouse1 working on RS-485
  • Receiving current status in real-time controllers
  • Receiving Logs drivers eHouse1 – of the RS – 485
  • Receiving infrared codes for further processing by the system
  • Receiving and Logs infrared transmission to external devices
  • Time synchronization of all eHouse One building automation system controllers
  • Sending global outside temperatures, lighting levels for drivers
  • exercise their own individual pre-programmed algorithms and send events to the driver after processing status

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Home Automation Ethernet eHouse C ++ open source
the manual transmission over the LAN , Ethernet ( UDP and TCP / IP) Smart home eHouse Linux Ubuntu and other distributions .
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