Smart home eHouse .Net software

Creating and Modifying eHouse4DotNet software in Visual Studio 2008+

eHouse4DotNet Software of Smart Home can be created and modified in Visual Studio since version 2008.
Visual Studio is very expensive tool to create software for individual users, so amateurs can work on the evaluation version that is active for 90 days. This gives you enough time to improve the completed application based on this software template – eHouse4DotNet.

Installing Visual Studio requires downloading software environment from Microsoft sites and in some cases create a DVD of image .ISO downloaded from the Internet from the closest server. After ripping created ISO image to a disc, we can copy the installation files to your PC and install the VS .

Creating software for mobile platforms also need to download and install Emulators the image of the operating system :

for example :

  • WindowsMobile6.1ProfessionalSDKRefresh.msi
  • WindowsMobile6.5ProfessionalImages(USA).msi
  • WindowsPhone7ProfessionalImages(USA).msi

Etc. differing numbers and the name of the operating system .

Generally, professional versions refer to the standard smartphones and regular GSM phones. Creating visualization for common GSM phones is rather pointless. Control is possible but very uncomfortable, as comfortable control is obtained from a diagonal screen size greater than 3.5″ ( inch) .

Installing Visual Studio is simple and does not require specific knowledge of the application and approval is based on questions generated by the wizard .

For the best convenience install help files which will reduce access to the help function comparing to remote support on the web .

The decision to install Visual Studio on a particular operating system should be taken after analysis platforms , which we intend to operate ( emulators ) .

  • older platform – Windows Mobile can be installed on Windows XP
  • Newer emulators such as Windows 7 Phone – longer require Vista or Windows 7
  • Windows 8 Phone Emulator – requires Windows 8 Pro

It may even be that in order to debug all Windows versions for mobile platforms will need 2 or 3 operating systems with Visual Studio and an emulator .

You can debug the software created directly connected smartphone, however, it is generally more time consuming especially at the beginning of work.

To debug software on smartphone it is necessary install Microsoft ActiveSync, which provides communication between the PC and the Smartphone , loading software for the device ( deployment ) and debugging , step by step .

On the other hand, debugging directly on the smartphone has its pros and supporters because it allows to obtain 100% compliance with a device that can not really be afforded by the emulator .

Reasons may be many such as :

  • another file system
  • Convert files to another file format or character
  • Changing the size of the letters in the names of files or directories
  • Another smartphone hardware performance in relation to the emulator on your computer
  • The inability to debug some communication media such as GSM modem connection , 3G , BlueTooth , IRDA
  • Problems with support for buttons smartphones , tablet
  • differences with touchscreen support , gestures , muli – touch
  • need to take into account the power consumption of the CPU and thus battery and mobile devices
  • Cooperation with other local applications , hardware and software resources
  • Dependence on the configuration of the device , lock operator

If you want to create and upgrade the software on both the mobile equipment ( .Net Compact Framework – CF) and PC (.NET Framework), the best way is create software for the oldest and worst versions or Windows Phone 7 for example.

The reason is .NET components , functions and libraries are much bigger and advanced in relation to the ( .NET CF) and in the regression , can be much more difficult than changing version upwards and a significant “dilapidation” the program and hundreds of errors and bugs in the compiler after a very small change in the form.

Unfortunately, Microsoft openly declares that older software do not have to work on the newer versions of operating systems such as Windows Mobile 6.5 on Windows Phone 7.
This which may result in the need to correct the code for each newer version. Indirect versions (digit after the decimal point) does not matter much when going up, Problems can arise when changing major version 6 -> 7 -> 8 .

With Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 the differences are even greater due to the revised system architecture. It therefore may be a need to rewrite the core application eHouse4DotNet.

Returning now to the installation and configuration of Visual Studio environment and the necessary Emulators , create a project in VS for the weakest devices that intend to operate .
 Creating a Visual Studio project mobile application for smart home eHouse
 The choice of the . Net Compact Framework for the project