Automation for Ecology

21 Age = age of ecology + automation

Smart Home and Building Management eHouse and Ecology .
After two centuries of industrial: the nineteenth and twentieth , that caused , that our planet stood on the verge of self-destruction, in connection with:

  • the greenhouse effect
  • air pollution and soil chemical
  • environmental disasters such as the sinking of the tanker , failures of nuclear power plants

which cause incalculable consequences for the phenomenon :

  • loss of protective ozone layer
  • melting of the great glaciers
  • change of the powerful sea currents , that shape the climate
  • weather anomalies
  • powerful winds , hurricanes , whirlwinds and storms , even in places where previously there were no
  • floods
  • and other disorders , which scientists can not associate with any rational phenomena
  • imbalance “laws of nature”

This caused the industry developed in an uncontrolled and thoughtless manner and using the manufacturing method, targeted for maximum profit without looking at the front, what will happen to the planet in a few years.

Industrial lobby and big corporations effectively block the inhibition of industry is incompatible with the basic principles of ecology.

Even now, in the face of doom, industrial superpowers like the Russia, USA or China does not want to agree to the development of environmentally conscious industry .

They are still used outdated factories, smelter, nuclear power plants , that slowly destroy the entire planet, and not just their own countryside. These are the objects, which does not hold any environmental standards or are on the verge of ecological disaster, emitting huge amounts Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide and other deadly substances .

Also obsolete nuclear power plants, which gave us an excellent example of Chernobyl , destroying life for decades for hundreds of miles around.
For the consequences will pay generations of people because of radiation sickness as it was in Hiroshima after the dropping the atomic bomb .

It is time for the XXI century , which will be the century of ecology.

We hope planet earth will not return to the era of “stone Age” or “Ice Age” .
In the worst case can even join the other planets of the solar system, no atmosphere and air and extreme temperatures prevent the continued existence of any form of life .

Now is the time to take advantage, gained by centuries of knowledge and use it to save what’s left .

There are many types of free and renewable energy, which does not deteriorate the current state of earth.
We can use the solar energy , wind energy , renewable energy sources.

Many industrial plants and farms could use solar or wind energy, which increased by a percentage of ecological energy use in relation to the “dirty” energy . Unfortunately, this decision requires us all: countries , governments , industrialists and ordinary people.

The European Union is slowly introduces restrictions and new environmental law to protect our planet, but it is a fraction of the demand in the whole world. There are introduced restrictions the use of Lead (Pb) , Mercury in products and withdrawn non-organic source of illumination .

Some environmentally friendly solutions are subsidized for residential households, agricultural, industrial plants as: solar, wind turbines , devices that produce “green energy” , ecological and household sewage treatment.

These devices are very good, efficient and effective, however, require optimal home automation control , to reach performance close to the theoretical, and to have the chance to refund in a few years, and then actually work for free.

Otherwise, inefficient work will generate losses instead of produce profits.
In pathological cases, it may become, the solar collector, which heats the water in the summer for free, in winter cools the hot water tank obtained from other sources.
This causes even increase the cost of energy production using not “green” methods .

Utilization of green energy sources also requires the insertion of trace amounts of electricity or other ( eg. to drive water pumps for circulation, etc. ) . To maximize profits from renewable energy sources home automation control is needed for pulling as much heating power from devices exploiting ecological energy sources.
In addition to these devices have a chance to compete with non-organic devices such as electric heating or carbon, it is necessary to automation allows maximum maintenance-free use of multiple sources of free energy and their automatic control and switching to the balance of profits as high as possible . Without a full and dedicated automation for the entire heating system for green energy total energy balance can be negative even at odds with the idea of ​​the use of green energy sources . Electronic automation also protects the existing installation and heating equipment from damage and extends the life of the device while maintaining high efficiency, by maintaining optimum operating conditions .

For example , we can analyze the solar collectors.

Solar system during hot day in a few minutes can heat up to temperatures above 100C. This results in the first cooking liquid flowing through it . Moreover, there is a significant increase in pressure. These factors may cause permanent damage ( burst pipes, which coolant flows and gaping collector ) .

This can occur in case of lack of supply voltage for pumps moving fluid receiving energy from the solar collector or long term in the absence of receipt of such thermal energy from the hot water buffer due holidays .

Overheating of the solar collector outside the above-mentioned cases can cause tarnish or crack the glass on the surface of the solar collector . Such phenomena can cause significant reduction in the efficiency of the solar collector and putting much less energy for heating system.

Another risky phenomenon is the occurrence of extremely low temperatures, which could cause freezing of the fluid in the collector, pipe burst, flows away fluid media.
As you can see above, the lack of proper control and protection for the collectors, may cause damage to the collector at a single occurrence of such phenomenon “sapper error” .
central heat controller responsible for maintaining the optimum performance of solar preventing too low and too high temperature in the collector , and capable to switch to an alternative coolant circuit collector in the absence of receipt of energy.

Nowadays, any device producing heat energy must be equipped with automatic control providing long-term and optimal operation of the equipment allowing financial refund on the machine and its installation , which are many times more expensive than automatic control itself.

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